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Free webinar: Revolutionize training and support by adding Newired on your ALM Polarion!

Training and support calls are things from the past. Revolutionze training and support by adding Newired on your ALM Polarion! Newired delivers a next generation solution for digital onboarding. It goes far beyond e-learning and online training with the concept of in-application step-by-step guidance.On this webinar we will show you how to: Implement fast, easy, standardized Polarion “Onboarding” […]
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New Major Release 20.0 – with great new capabilities

Written by Jiri Walek We are proud to release a new major version of our products – Newired 20.0 The new major release includes the updates we have released throughout the year: Plugin architecture with Surveys and Knowledge-base integration Target Application Profiling, enabling non-tech people to author reliable guidance Newired Overlay became richer with Tip […]
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Press Release Newired 19.3

Newired S.r.l., a leading Digital Adoption Solution in the market, today launches release 19.3 of its products. Release 19.3 contains the latest and most advanced version of Newired®  Journeys and Newired® Tips. Adding Newired’s unique overlay technology to web-based software and applications used at your company, be them developed in-house or third-party, can benefit employees […]
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Newired’s Hosting and Deployment

written by Natalia Kawana and Jiri Walek When we talk about software installation, we need to have various things in mind. At Newired, we are often asked many questions about the hosting and deployment of our solution. So we’ve decided to try and address this topic in the simplest way we can envisage.  Hosting When […]
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