We are looking for you!

Hello there! We at Newired are looking for you – a professional eager to work for a company that makes sense and difference in the online world.

What do we do?
Long story short, we create a code-free onboarding solution. A guidance overlay to help users of any web-based software. If you are familiar with ERP or CRM systems you may know that these are a keeper. Sometimes such software remains in a company for decades and is inherited from user to user.

And let’s be honest, those do not always have the best UX.

It is not in our hands to change the design and experience of these, often rigid, products. But, with the help of our solution, the onboarding, guidance, and tooltips can make these products more easy-to-use and intuitive. In a nutshell – modern, up-to-date software.

So far so good?
Awesome. Let’s see why we need you We have a great family-cultured R&D team in Ostrava and a couple more teams and product people around the world (Italy, Germany, US) and we always look for the best talents to grow our skills, enthusiasm and drive.

Open Positions

Check out our open positions below. In case you don’t find a fit, submit your application anyhow, we will surely consider it:

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