OEM model

OEM License

We are more than happy to partner with ISVs, SIs and Marketing Agencies


Flexible licensing and pricing models, aligned with your own

Choose between two options: a Branded OEM (“Powered by Newired”) or a White label instance (where the Newired label does not appear)

Access to Newired Server and unlimited Editors to develop, monitor and deploy the content for OEM Users

Your company’s access to Newired Analytics and Multi-language features

Premium OEM Newired Support for your Editors and internal IT people

Introducing Our OEM Licensing:
Embed Cutting-Edge In-Place Guidance in Your Web Applications

If you build and distribute a Web Application or if you develop Applications or Portals or Sites for your customers and you wish to give them a new modern guidance embedded into your product or site, we have a compelling license and pricing model (OEM) for you!

The OEM license allows you to distribute Newired content globally as part of your Application, Portal or Site. You create the content and you embed the content into your product, so you users benefit of a modern, effective and cool in-place guidance.

Hurry up: your competition might already be working on this!


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