Newired 24.1 New & Noteworthy

Newired 24.1 New & Noteworthy

Introducing Newired 24.1: Empowering Users with Bookmarks and Enhanced URL Processing

We are delighted to announce the upcoming release of Newired 24.1, a significant update that brings several impactful features aimed at enhancing user experience and providing greater control over guidance creation. With the introduction of Bookmarks, enhancements to URL processing control, and adaptation to recent browser changes, Newired 24.1 reaffirms our commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. 

Bookmarks: Streamlining Navigation with Contextual Tips

A standout feature of Newired 24.1 is the introduction of Bookmarks, a new guidance item designed to streamline navigation within target applications and speed up your processes. Bookmarks function similarly to Tips but include a stored URL that redirects users to a specific page when selected from the Launcher. This allows end users to jump directly to a predefined page of the target application, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

From a customer and user perspective, Bookmarks offer a quicker and lighter way to bring end users to a specific context within the target application. Whether it’s accessing important information, features, or tasks with high priority, Bookmarks provide a convenient solution for navigating directly to relevant content.

Enhanced URL Processing Control: Empowering Content Authors

In Newired 24.1, content authors gain enhanced control over URL processing within Journeys. Authors now have the ability to decide whether a Journey will utilize URL processing or not. This level of control enables authors to deploy Journeys that trigger only in specific contexts, providing greater flexibility and adaptability to different deployment scenarios. A new URL tab for Journeys facilitates seamless configuration of URL processing settings, empowering authors to tailor Journeys to their specific requirements.

Adaptation to Browser Changes: Ensuring Compliance and User Consent

Newired 24.1 addresses recent changes in web browsers behavior, particularly regarding cross-origin storage access. With browsers increasingly restricting access to cross-origin storage, Newired adapts by implementing a mechanism to request user permission to use cookies and local storage for cross-application guidance. This ensures compliance with browser policies while maintaining the integrity and functionality of Newired’s guidance features.


Newired 24.1 represents a significant step forward in empowering users and enhancing the guidance creation process. With features like Bookmarks for streamlined navigation, enhanced URL processing control for content authors, and adaptation to browser changes for compliance and user consent, Newired continues to innovate and evolve to meet the evolving needs of its users.

To learn more about Newired 24.1 and its groundbreaking features, visit our website and explore the release notes. Elevate your digital experience with Newired, and unlock the potential to deliver outstanding user experiences while maintaining control and compliance in today’s dynamic digital landscape.

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