We deliver 100% code-free tools that allow the delivery of quick usability fixes,
speed up onboarding on and across any web application
and put users at the center of software delivery and development.

Accelerate Onboarding

100% User adoption regardless of formal training or application or websites UI complexity.

Optimize Support

Create GPS-like contextual guidance thru every Website task and process; virtually eliminate need for support. Focus support resources on major issues.

Cut Training Time and Cost

Onboard new hires faster. Engage and empower users to complete tasks first time, every time, without formal training.

Boost Website Performance

Leverage the same technology on company websites to ensure customers and prospects always achieve their objectives.

Empower People to Handle Complex Apps & Websites

Newired’s just-in-time contextual guidance boosts confidence, reduces chance of errors, eliminate uncertainty about what to do next in apps and sites, smooth the road to productivity.

Give users assurance about the big picture.

When You Can't Eliminate Complexity,
then empower people.

Newired Digital Adoption Accelerator Tool is the Perfect Solution.

  • Leverage internal know-how to guide others; no tech skills needed to implement
  • Improve user experience with current assets, without coding
  • Low cost solution for companies that prefer to host on-site
  • Independently served guidance layer: zero risk to existing software
  • Fast, easy setup by your IT admin

Complexity: Tame the Beast

Complexity in apps and sites leads to:

  • Unproductive time
  • Resistance to adoption
  • User errors
  • Low morale
  • Lost sales


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