About Newired

The Newired company story

As every successful entrepreneurial activity, Newired company starts with a dream.
Our dream is to live on a Digital World where technology is accessible and self-explanatory. A place where there is no need to read a manual or to call a support center to deal with the latest version of an application; a place where help can be found when and where it is needed; a place where users can provide their feedback to their Companies, which generate and maintain the Digital World.
But dreams are, every morning, faced with reality. In the Digital World, reality consists of people often struggling with technology and spending their time to make things work, or in finding their way to perform operations which were performed by someone else in the past.

One morning, some people that had the same dream and the same shock at dawn, met together and envisioned a solution that could seamlessly shorten the distance between users and applications. A revolutionary evolution of the first attempts to support Digital Adoption. An enterprise-ready overlay technology that could represent a new connection between humans and the Digital World.
A new way to be wired. Newired.

Our vision

Our mission is to define new Digital ways to reduce the distance between people and the Digital World.


Newired creates in-application contextual intelligent layers that define a new paradigm for digital onboarding and training. Newired provides a continuous learning concept to drive user digital adoption and increase their satisfaction across enterprise applications. Newired's guidance is available right when and where it is needed by those who matter the most: the users.

"There are two obvious reasons for the adoption of a solution such as Newired. The first is where a development team is struggling keep up with the demand for new web-based applications and needs to work closely and quickly in collaboration with the user community to develop, refine, and publish apps that are self-sufficient without the need for specialized training. The other is where existing wellestablished applications are not intuitive to use or have issues of compliance that means they must be approached in a certain way or are complicated and users need guidance through the processes."

Michael Azoff - Ovum

People & Investors

Newired is a private company that is backed by the strongest global fund in the world: People! The Newired team is a solid mixture of experienced business, technology entrepreneurs and young enthusiastic professionals. This team combined with seed investors out of the software industry drives the innovation and the business by generating profits thanks to our faithful and ever expanding customer base.

Read what analysts say about Newired

"Newired is the place where the innovation in user guidance, training, support, engagement is happening.
It’s Digital Transformation rescuing its users."

Stefano Rizzo, CEO at Newired

Join the team

From great teams come great products

Everyone of us has a personal reason for working here, but there is no doubt that we all love it.
You don’t need to have special powers or dress in a specific way, we believe that sharing different ideas and points of view is critical to achieve great results.
Being a team means being the best version of who we are in order to do something bigger than us. This takes time, but at the same time it happens a little everyday. If you aim working in an IT company with people at the center, you have to join us.


Open positions

At Newired we're always mindful of end users and the troubles they often encounter using complex and ever-changing web applications. We're looking for super heroes to help them, will you be the next?
Check out open positions and send your CV at hr@newired.com


Well, there we are

Since the beginning of the adventure, the team has become bigger and bigger.
We are developers, customer success and engagement managers, but in the end we are all people with a unique dream.

What our employees say

Gianluca Ippolito

Product Manager

As soon as I joined the team, it felt like home. Every day we tackle different challenges, so it never gets boring, and it’s been amazing to work with an open minded and professional team to achieve the main mission of our Company. With the team, we focus on real people's needs and make sure that they can have the most pleasant experience when using software. Not only is our aim to aid any User and make them satisfied, but we also want to make Companies succeed in the complex process of software adoption.

Roman Smirak

Ostrava Operations Manager

Many users don’t leverage available technology, since they can’t use it efficiently or they hate to use it. A lot of time is wasted due to non-intuitive user interfaces. I joined the vision of bringing technology closer to user’s life, without the need to rebuild or code it. My task has been to build a great team that would build a great product. I’m proud that we can show to the world the many talents we have here in Ostrava.

Lucia Manetti

Marketing Manager

I’ve been working here for some years and I see with my own eyes how the company quickly grew up, starting from a bunch of people with great aspirations. I’m a kind of humanist with a leaning for video games, our mission here is to improve the communication within humans and software, the challenge is to make software more human, instead of expecting from people to behave like machines. This is awesome, the team is awesome, Newired is awesome.

Natalia Kawana

Customer Engagement Manager

I’m a free soul, a globetrotter with multiple interests and a lot of energy. That is seen is something unusual or even weird at more traditional working environments. But at Newired, this is an asset. I feel at home, I feel I can make a difference to the company and to our customers by just being 100% myself. And I learn and grow, personally and professionally, every day. Newired is my place.

The Newired DNA

Our values express how we see the world today and how we would like to change it, they are such as the fundamentals of our company identity.


Trust the team


Work agile


Make it simple




Think outside the box