Software Onboarding

Improve CRM Training and Increase Productivity with Newired Digital Adoption Solutions

Improve CRM Training and Increase Productivity with Newired Digital Adoption Solutions In an age where customer data is generated at unprecedented rates and businesses are pursuing more clients than ever, an efficient hub for all clientele data and improve CRM training have become critical. That’s why customer relationship management software is so highly prized, and […]
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Empower user adoption: guide your suppliers or employees through any task

New webinar by Newired & Synertrade E-procurement solutions have made companies’ daily tasks much simpler. Buyers place orders online, everything is traceable and processes have become faster. It’s time to bring e-procurement to the next level: how to provide software support not only to your company’s employees, but also to your external suppliers? In a joint Webinar  Synertrade and Newired […]
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Me.Wired – everyone’s opportunity to embrace digital services

written by Natalia Kawana At a time when going digital is no longer a plus, but an actual and immediate need, we’re launching Me.Wired – free guides to help you on everyday life situations using technology. Now activities such as purchasing stuff online, shopping for groceries, creating or joining online classes and video-chatting with your […]
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How can Newired help users get started with SalesForce for small and medium size businesses?

Written by Andrea Folino Every company cares about speed and productivity; this is why providing to the user a real time, in-app guidance system or Software Training like Newired is a very good way to speed-up the work processes, by giving people the instructions they need just when they need them. In this article, we’ll […]
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How to handle the 7 most common troubles in public and self-service portals

Written by Lucia Manetti There are countless documented benefits about how a portal can increase employee and business productivity and efficiency. Among the advantages coming from adopting a portal solution, we have an improved overall communication, collaboration, and knowledge management between providers/organisations and customers/citizens. Yet, many portals suffer from low user adoption. A portal created […]
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