Press Release Newired 19.3

Press Release Newired 19.3

Newired S.r.l., a leading Digital Adoption Solution in the market, today launches release 19.3 of its products.

Release 19.3 contains the latest and most advanced version of Newired®  Journeys and Newired® Tips. Adding Newired’s unique overlay technology to web-based software and applications used at your company, be them developed in-house or third-party, can benefit employees and customers in areas such as onboarding of new hires, ongoing learning, employee training, software adoption, customer care, internal and external support, supplier management and much more. Newired’s benefits impact users, departments and ultimately the whole company, which will have higher employee satisfaction and a higher return on their software investment. Newired products also allow companies to save on training and support while granting a higher employee and customer satisfaction.

As usual, Newired provides a mature on premise-hosting option, which grants full control over your software and the data you input for Newired’s guidance, enhancing your security. But it also provides cloud hosting and different deployment options, to contemplate most customers’ needs and to be adaptable to virtually any web-based application. With the release of its browser extensions, Newired is now also easily deployable over any SaaS solution, without any coding skills required to implement.

Beside the many visible enhancements brought by release 19.3, there are two that make me especially proud, as they increase accessibility and performance. By means of browser extensions, available directly from Google and Microsoft extension sites, Newired can be deployed on even more environments than before. Our reworked backend improves the rendering of our content up to 5 times faster than before, ensuring a perfect experience to every end user.

Jiri Walek – Newired

Newired 19.3 can be used by anyone who has a good knowledge of the underlying application and the company’s processes, to create in-app, real-time contextual guidance, across single or multiple applications and websites, no matter their complexity. Its simplicity goes two ways: it’s easy to use for content creators whilst it turns other software into something simpler for the end users.

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