New Major Release 20.0 – with great new capabilities

New Major Release 20.0 – with great new capabilities


Written by Jiri Walek

We are proud to release a new major version of our products – Newired 20.0

The new major release includes the updates we have released throughout the year:

  • Plugin architecture with Surveys and Knowledge-base integration
  • Target Application Profiling, enabling non-tech people to author reliable guidance
  • Newired Overlay became richer with Tip Icons, Journey Links,  Step Sizes, …
  • Straightforward support for SaaS applications, by installing the overlay via web browser extensions
  • And much more that has been released in 19.1, 19.2. And 19.3

Now it is time to wrap up the major release with recent major updates delivered in the last 3 months.

Content Delivery Versioning

We have extended our products with simple yet robust publishing workflows, which enable you to review, test and optimize the content before it goes live to the end-users.

Version Details

You cannot call anything a “versioning” if you cannot check what has been changed.

Review  & Test content on any browser

The user impression is an absolutely critical business value. And testing is the only option to guarantee the necessary quality.

You can “Preview” any submitted version before it goes live.


It may happen that no matter how robust your testing is, the issue will pass through the gates. You can decide to rollback the updates by making the older version as “live”.

Design Themes AKA Skins

Statistics say that the chance to succeed with the use case in a digital tool increases the better emotional impression the tool gives.

This includes the way Newired Overlay impresses end users. And this is why we have enabled you to rework the Newired Visual style and bring the ability to select the one that fits your use case and application best.

Newired Theming SDK

Even more important is that we have built Newired Theming SDK, which allows you to define your own guidance themes with maximum flexibility and control, i.e. we allow to change every single aspect of the presentation. At the same time, the SDK offers support for theme/style inheritance, so when you follow the guidelines, your themes will remain not just backwards but also forward compatible!

Request a full product evaluation

All these changes from the last 3 months, together with the sequential agile releases we published last year, makes 20.0 the strongest Newired Major release ever.

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