Newired Pricing Subscription based model: you pay according to the number of users.

Newired Pricing: Maximum Value, No Surprises


Affordable Daily Rate

Our pricing is so accessible it’s less than the cost of a monthly coffee. Simple, straightforward, and hassle-free.

More Users, More Savings

Our scalable model means the more users you have, the less you pay per user. It’s like getting your coffee cheaper in bulk.

Transparent Pricing

With Newired, what you see is what you get. No future pricing surprises, just stress-free financial planning.

Create Without Extra Charges

Your editors can create content without any additional fees. Creativity shouldn’t come with a price tag.

Start Small, Think Big

Our flexible pricing model supports your growth, allowing you to start with minimal investment and scale as needed.

Unlimited License

Embrace the full potential of Newired with our Unlimited license, offering unrestricted access to our platform for enterprises looking for comprehensive solutions without limitations.

Flexible Delivery Options

Whether you choose SaaS or On-Premise, you get the same features at the same price, ensuring flexibility meets value.

Inclusive Setup and Training

Setup services and hands-on training are included in your subscription, ensuring you’re well-equipped to make the most out of Newired.

OEM Licensing Available

Integrate and distribute Newired content with your application seamlessly, adding value to your offerings with our OEM licensing options.


For smaller deployments, specifically with around 100 users or fewer, the maximum cost per user per month is approximately $4, and this cost decreases as the number of users increases. This makes the maximum ownership cost comparable to, or even less than, the price of a coffee per month.

No, there isn’t. You have the freedom to create as many Journeys or Tips as needed to effectively guide your end-users. Our licenses do not impose any limitations on their number.

Your license includes an unlimited number of Journey creators. We do not charge extra for Content Editors, so you can involve as many creators as you wish once you have a subscription.

For applications that are “open” to the public, we count the number of unique users on a weekly basis.

Opting for hosting with us provides you with full Private Hosting, secured by our ISO 27001 certification. Enjoy hassle-free management with automatic quarterly updates, backups, and guaranteed availability.

Choosing an on-prem setup gives you complete control over your data. All necessary on-prem services to ensure the long-term functionality of your setup are included, providing you with a comprehensive and secure solution tailored to your needs.

Subscription price calculator

With the Newired price calculator, you simply insert the total number of users you have on your applications and portals and get your price.

€ 165,00 month for
Active users

How it works?

  • We charge per number of users that use your target application
  • Create unlimited number of Journeys & Tips
  • Newired Editor is for free, anyone can create Journeys & Tips.
  • Enterprise ready security, deployment options and customizability

Who is the user?

For Newired, there is just a very small difference between internal application users and external portal users. So we count as a user:

  • Every registered user of each single corporate application where Newired is deployed on, either internal or SaaS.
  • Every weekly unique visitor (as defined in common analytics) to a public available application, website or portal.

Example: if you wish to have Journeys & Tips for your 200 registered users in Salesforce, 450 in Workday, 200 in your internal custom app, plus 1000 weekly users on your portal, you need a license for 1.850 users.

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