Improve CRM Training and Increase Productivity with Newired Digital Adoption Solutions

Improve CRM Training and Increase Productivity with Newired Digital Adoption Solutions

Improve CRM Training and Increase Productivity with Newired Digital Adoption Solutions

In an age where customer data is generated at unprecedented rates and businesses are pursuing more clients than ever, an efficient hub for all clientele data and improve CRM training have become critical. That’s why customer relationship management software is so highly prized, and why its growth is expected to continue at higher rates than ever.

The problem

As much of an asset as it is, CRM software is not without its drawbacks. Although it’s an excellent tool for monitoring customer satisfaction, synchronizing all departments and optimizing their business intelligence, CRM usually comes with a steep learning curve attached to it. It can take a sales department months to get acquainted with all the nuances of their CRM software, and this lack of proficiency can eat away at productivity and sales to the point where any gains made off of CRM usage are nullified. Multiple training methods such as traveling CRM coaches, e-learning courses and in-house experts have been employed to help users climb the learning curve faster, but all of these have proven inefficient at best. 

The solution: Newired

That’s where Newired comes in. Setting out to improve software interaction experiences on both the supplier and customer side, Newired creates digital overlay tutorials to guide users through difficult software navigation. Newired’s tutorial solutions have proven beneficial for a wide range of complex digital applications, but some of its best work has been in the CRM solutions sector, eliminating the shortcomings associated with other training methods. To show this, we’ll see how Newired’s digital adoption solutions stack up against conventional means of software education and onboarding, and look at some data to show how much impact using Newired has had. 

Comparing conventional education vs. Newired interactive user experience

Until now, three main techniques have been used for educating sales teams on their new CRM software. As we’ll see, all of them fall short.

Newired and traditional adoption
Learning curve behaviour

Shortcomings of conventional Education 

Training coaches

Whether the software comes from Salesforce or Sugar, it’s not uncommon for organizations to avail themselves of an installation expert to help educate their sales team on how their CRM system is used. While these teachers are certainly experts in their field, this process has a few drawbacks.

Time wasted

Bringing an expert in to familiarize your sales force with their new software takes time away from meeting sales objectives and drags down productivity and profit. 


The learning curve isn’t solely on the part of the customer, either; it takes time for an expert to learn the exact needs and processes required by their clients, and this is time taken away from the ultimate goal: making sales.

Travel costs

Eating further away at revenue is the cost and time required to pay for an expert to travel to their site. Extensive wait times (worsened by the current pandemic) can leave sales forces in the dark until an expert arrives to educate them, and expenses incurred from fare and hotel stays can add up quickly.


Online courses offset wasted productivity from lengthy on–site training seminars, but these too have their drawbacks. Although they enable users to complete their tutorials on their own time, there is minimal interaction with learning modules, which can hinder sales members who thrive on face-to-face teaching methods. E-learning modules may also eliminate travel expenses, but can prove to be quite costly, so some of the financial benefit also ends up being negated. 

In–house experts

More cost effective than traveling experts and e-learning, these “superusers” are in-house admins (usually IT or tech support) that become resident experts on your team CRM usages. While this method sounds efficient, it takes time for the resident expert to gain enough proficiency to be able to meet all of the organization’s needs. Until then, the company is left in the dark on how to use their newly acquired software. Add to that the fact that one admin is left to bring an entire sales team up to speed, and you can see why this strategy has potential to fail. 

Newired interactive education

Newired circumvents all these shortcomings. By providing an intuitive overlay that offers step-by-step tutorials to guide users through each component and task of their CRM software, the need for an educator to familiarize your sales team with their new tool is eliminated. Online learning modules are replaced by interactive help displays that more fully immerse the user into their educational experience, drastically increasing proficiency, reducing errors, and resulting in enhanced productivity. Here’s how it works:

  • Tutorials on unfamiliar topics can be found under the “Journeys” tab and can be launched from the “Help” triangle that appears on the screen, to instruct new users both on the basics and on more advanced processes, which will then be available whenever the users need them.
  • Speech bubble captions automatically populate over any field the user selects, giving more insight into that particular requirement.
  • If users fail to populate a required field, a caption will be displayed next to it with instructions on what they should enter, making the process fail-safe.
  • At the end of their guidance experience, a survey is given to the user for input on how helpful Newired has been, giving managers the ability to track progress on user proficiency.

Newired gets results

Newired’s digital adoption solution has enabled its users to reduce CRM training time, increase their productivity, and make the most of their CRM software, and the numbers are showing it. Newired users have cut the number of training tickets they’ve submitted by 40 percent, while those who use Newired have a 34 percent higher user engagement than CRM users that have been trained by other means.


There’s no question that CRM is a powerful means of tracking your organization’s production and keeping all your data in one place—the question is how to implement it. Whether you’re onboarding your staff for the first time on Salesforce or Sugar or providing continual training on Zoho, you need more than CRM training; you need a digital transformation, you need continuous training at your user’s pace and refreshers on the go, whenever necessary.

Newired’s digital adoption solutions provide exactly that, and will get your team up to speed on their new CRM tool faster and more efficiently than other training methods. Make the most of your CRM software today, and let Newired give you the digital transformation your company needs! 

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