Why are companies moving to Newired

Why are companies moving to Newired


Written by Natalia Kawana

Digital Transformation is no longer an option, but a need – we increasingly rely on digital platforms to perform tasks and provide services. Still, adopting new software or technologies is not enough in itself: based on a survey conducted by Everest Group, we found that 73% of enterprises failed to realize sustained returns on their digital investments. One of the key reasons for this is the lack of user adoption of the digital solutions implemented.

In this context, we have seen an increased interest for a rather new category of software: Digital Adoption Solutions or Platforms (DAS or DAP). They are basically software which are added as overlays over other applications to help users get acquainted, onboard and follow simple and complex processes on one or across multiple platforms, offering real time and in-app assistance. 

At a time when talking about Digital Transformation comes as no surprise, and most people and companies understand why they should embrace it, DAS and DAPs come to fill one of Digital Transformation’s missing gaps: making sure that users will be able to use the diverse software they come across in their professional and personal lives. DAS or DAPs come to aid the user and their needs, and also to keep everything digital, also user training and support. With DAS and DAPs, you can keep everything as simple as possible for the user, avoiding that they go from the phone or helpdesk chat to the software, from their training written notes to carrying out a task on the software. For a detailed report on DAS/ DAP benefits, we recommend you check Everest Group’s report.

Newired, as a DAS, benefited from this momentum and became a respectable solution in the category. Not only have we got many enterprise level companies of all sizes and other software, platform and portal vendors among our customers, but we have also seen customers move from our competitors to adopt Newired Journeys and Tips. But why? Here we will discuss some of the common reasons appointed by these customers.

Simplicity to use + constant robustness

It could seem like common sense: DAS should be simple and intuitive to use. And they should work properly. As their main goal is to help users and turn software into something more intuitive, one would think they are obviously intuitive to use as well. And easy to set up and run. After all, what’s the point if they contradict their own goal? Unfortunately, though, simplicity and robustness are two crucial factors which cannot be taken for granted in DAS.

We heard many complaints from our competitor’s previous users, stating that they felt DAS content creators needed to have a lot of technical knowledge to succeed, and that implementation required an enormous effort and took a long time. We even have a case where one of our customers tried to implement a competitor’s solution for more than 2 years without succeeding, until they finally gave up. On the other hand, our customers are used to implementing our product without any sort of previous DAS knowledge. Recently, we had a customer implement our solution without any sort of training nor previous experience with a DAS.

At Newired, simplicity is at the core of our solution and vision. We constantly work to become more and more intuitive to use, while still offering a very robust solution. You can even try it yourself for free!

Security – On-premise installation

So much is said about SaaS nowadays, But SaaS is simply not an alternative for all. We have many customers who have high security concerns and therefore would like to have complete control over the content they create with the DAS, as well as over its storage. With Newired, we offer a safe and straight-forward way to install on-premise, on a local server or private cloud. 

So given our expertise in on-premise installations, many governmental and public institutions, banks and insurance companies are choosing Newired. They want to be reassured that they have everything under their control.

Flexibility on installation and hosting

By offering different possibilities of cloud and on-premise hosting, Newired is a great option not only for customers who are concerned about security, but also for software vendors who would like to bundle Newired guidance into their products and offer it to their own customers. This is what we call the OEM partnership, which adds value to our partner’s solutions, helping them offer onboarding, training and support in-app. 

Newired offers a unique OEM licensing model for software vendors – that is why we have more and more OEM partners.

Multi-application support

We all know that business processes may be extremely complex. Sometimes, they require 2, 3 or even more platforms to be completed. With Newired, you can easily take users from one application to the other, without being worried that your guidance flows will break, or that users will have to start a new flow every time they change apps. This is crucial for many companies, who are turning to Newired for the simplicity we offer when setting up multi-app guidance.

Multi-language support

With companies operating in many different countries and the need for global rollouts, having a DAS working in several languages is not just an item for the bucket list – it’s an actual need. 

And this doesn’t mean the ability to create overlays in any language one wishes, but truly, to have your DAS recognise the target application languages and apply different translations corresponding to them. And even more importantly, the ability to design the overlays just once and then easily deploy textual translations – as processes and user interface on the target application often coincide even if they are in different languages. 

Content creators using other DAS reported that they often have to create overlays all over again in order to deploy them in several languages, which is of course not convenient.

With Newired, you can create your overlays and simply translate their text and deploy them, without having to redesign the whole Journey. And this is another reason why many international companies and corporations are turning to Newired.

Transparent, easy-to-understand and fair pricing model

Enterprise software is often known for being expensive. Or for being affordable or even free at the beginning and then arriving to outrageously expensive prices as the company grows. Or even, for having such complex pricing scenarios that nobody really understands how much the software subscription will cost, let alone predict future numbers. We understand this frustration all too well, and that’s why we made it different. We have a simple, straight-forward pricing model: the end user is the only parameter. For more details, check our pricing page and get the final price straight away with our calculator! 

Of course nobody likes these numb pricing strategies, so this is another reason why people and companies are turning to Newired.

Another remark about pricing: some of our competitors are simply very expensive, or even, not affordable at all by all who’d like to adopt a DAS. OK, fair enough, they might also have good products and interesting features, or they may charge more because they were the pioneers in this category of software. 

But in the end of the day, you can get a robust and user-friendly product paying a fair price with Newired. We have a fair pricing model which is transparent and adequate for smaller and larger companies alike. And for large corporations, we provide a pricing cap: that means that over a certain threshold, you shouldn’t worry. Once you’ve reached the highest subscription price, your number of end users can still grow beyond that as much as you need, and you will be sure that your subscription will not arrive to millions of dollars.

Easy and straight-forward trial

Many people wanna try something hands on before committing to any investment. Fair enough. So we have an easy-to-use and free trial version of our editor, which allows anyone to try our technology, even before talking to anyone at Newired. With the free editor, you can create Journeys and Tips over your own application to see how they will look like! Another key for our success among customers.

That’s not all, folks!

With Newired, you can discover much more! Schedule a call  with me to know more or

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