Get started with Newired

Our solution is composed of two parts: Newired Editor and Newired Portal.
With the Editor, you can design your guidance, step-by-step processes (Journeys) or tooltips (Tips).
On the Portal, you can manage other aspects of this guidance, such as content publication and translations, and check usage and feedback reports.


Download the Editor, our desktop tool to create your own personalized guidance.

Ideal to:

  • Start testing Newired immediately
  • Quickly understand and estimate the effort required to create guidance with Newired
  • Author Newired’s guidance layer – build step-by-step user guidance (Journeys) and create contextual help labels (Tips)
  • Test our authoring environment - see how the guidance you’ve created works and looks on top of your web applications in a staging environment


This is our full product evaluation, where you can use both Newired Editor and Portal.

With it you can:
  • Test guidance live, including the deployment
  • Use the product on a safe and private server instance, where your data will be secure
  • The Online Demo Server is available for free for 4 weeks
  • Evaluate the full product experience, including Newired editor, reports and translations
  • Publish your Journeys on your web application and share them with your users