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What if your technology is not so intuitive and your employees and customers do not know how to use it properly?

Written by Natalia Kawana and Vratislav Holub In today’s world, we have to deal with technology in every field and as an integral part of our lives. Technology has become one of the most critical aspects of our routine, and we constantly use it for our own benefit. On the macrolevel, it has a tremendous […]
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Customer care, customer service and customer experience: do you know the difference?

Written by Riccardo Lorenzi and Natalia Kawana Entering the world of customers’ relationships From our personal professional experience and interest for customer relationship analysis, I would like to propose a reflection on the services which accompany the selling of a product. Often, when we talk about services and customers, we think of customer service and […]
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digital customer exp

Why do the most successful companies think that it is important to improve the Digital Customer experience?

Written by Frank Schroeder and Lucia Manetti Nowadays there are multiple disciplines in the digital field focused on users. Whenever users are customers as well, we are talking about Digital Customer Experience,   Before we think about it, let’s think about the topic from a wider perspective, following some definitions for Customer Experience CX from Wikipedia, […]
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