Newsletter February 2022

Newsletter February 2022

Dear Newired Customer,

In the last decade our lifestyle has been deeply impacted by customer reviews

It’s becoming more and more infrequent to choose a restaurant, a cycling short, a dishwasher or a travel destination without a deep, conscious check of the experience of other customers. Yes, you read it right, we need to be “conscious”: we are in the era where everything needs to be “5 starred” or is perceived as close-to-be-crap; we know that a product or service might get the worst possible review just because of odd, unlikely to happen again,  circumstances: lost booking of the table, damaged delivery and similar.

So, while we learned how to read these reviews, vendors and service providers started benefitting from “the voice of the customer” to continuously improve their products and services. You might like this or not but, thanks to reviews that are the modern, accessible consumer-to-consumer information exchange, the world is a better place. 

What’s happening in the B2B market? Businesses choosing a solution for their operations, normally check different alternatives to ensure that the one that they will pick fits perfectly into their needs. They normally issue Request for Information (RFIs) and Request for Proposals (RFPs) to screen the market and evaluate different options versus their special requirements. Checking reviews is pretty seldom an important criteria for their selection. But it’s worth doing. 

At Newired, we are very committed to listening to our customers and I also personally check their unsolicited and anonymous reviews pretty often. In the last few days, I was glad to land in where a bunch of our customers filled an anonymous, pretty articulated review on Newired. If you are interested check out the full table here.

Stefano RIZZO
CEO, Newired

We added the possibility for cloud and on-prem customers to also translate buttons and text

We understand that this is a feature that many of our customers appreciate and we decided to provide this service. Below you will find the ways this can be accomplished:

Through Excel sheet

We can send you an Excel sheet where you fill in the buttons and text you want to translate + the translation. We change the translation.json file for you and upload it to your cloud server.

Through translation.json file

You can request this file to us, perform the translation and send it back. We will test and upload it to your server. 

On-prem customers

The translation.json file can be found on your server on the following path:


Use the method above and save to your server with the same name and format.

  1. Go to the application where the journey starts.
  2. Go through journeys as a user would expect and Press f12  for the developer tools when you have the error.
  3. Navigate into the “console” tab and click on the setting icon on the right hand side of the screen.
  4. Check the “Preserve log” option.

   5. Make sure that all types of messages are shown in the log.

  1. Right click in the console window and select option “save as” you can then provide us with this log file by emailing it through the support desk. See here on how to log a support call.
  2. If you do not find errors in the development tools, clear logs and Press F5 to reload the page.
  3. Then start journeys again as a user would and watch the development tool for errors then right click in the console window and select option “save as” you can then provide us with this log file.

See here on how to log a support call or consult our Learning database to resolve most minor issues.


  • Would you like to understand how user in-app Guidelines can support your Digital Adoption strategy?
  • Would you like to see how easy Onboarding and Global Roll-outs for new applications can be?

Register for 14 days Free Online Demo Server


The Online Demo Server provides:

  • Full Newired capabilities to create user guidance and run on your application;
  • A set of user guidance examples to review and modify;
  • Introduction to Newired by our Customer Service and support during the free trial.


Newired joins TIC TAC TECH channel*

an initiative of Emerasoft s.r.l.

TIC TAC TECH is an Italian technological in-depth channel that addresses the IT sector of companies with an eye to the future and includes mini news broadcast videos to answer concise and to-the-point questions on topics such as:

  • Employee Onboarding;
  • E-commerce Onboarding;
  • Digital Public Administration.

The first interview video can be found on our social network and YouTube channel.


*Italian language channel

Join Newired’s YouTube channel to stay updated with the most recent news!


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