Newired’s top 10 FAQs in 2019

Newired’s top 10 FAQs in 2019

Top 10 FAQs

Written by Natalia Kawana

2019 is coming to an end. Certainly a very positive year for Digital Adoption Solutions (DAS) or Platforms (DAP), which became more widely known as a software category. 

Newired’s mission is to define new Digital ways to reduce the distance between people and the Digital World. As part of this vision, we also aim to educate companies, trainers and users about the possibility of offering in-app, contextual guide to help software users on the tasks they need to perform. DAS or DAPs help them with Digital Transformation, by keeping everything digital: onboarding, training and support. But this is just the beginning. Digital Adoption Solutions are still not as well-known as a category, as for example, CRM solutions are. 

Thinking about this and all the questions which emerge when someone comes across DASs or DAPs, we’ve decided to write a compilation the top-10 FAQs that we had this year. They are all about our products, Newired Journeys and Newired Tips, or about your software in general. Have a look!

  • 1. Why should we choose Newired over its competitors?

At Newired, we constantly invest on robustness. Our algorithms are robust and unique, so non-technical people can create robust guidance which will last and work effectively. At the same time, we have very competitive prices, based on a simple parameter: the number of end users. Newired is thus accessible to a wide range of companies, from small start-ups to large corporations.

In addition, we are agile, so we listen to our customers’ feedback very carefully and seek to implement at least part of their requests on our public releases.

We are also a very reliable choice if you have security concerns. We offer on-premise hosting where you as a customer have all access and control over your data and your target application.

Finally, we offer the OEM Licence, with which you can embed Newired overlay technology over your own application or platform to provide your users with exceptional online guidance and increased user satisfaction.

  • 2. How do we install Newired over target applications?

You can do so by adding a code snippet into the source code of the target application or by installing browser extensions on the browsers of all users who should see the guidance. For more details, please check our snippet and browser extension articles.

  • 3. Who should be responsible for creating Journeys at a company?

This will depend on the company’s structure, but in general lines, it should be someone who knows the target application and its processes well.  For example, Business Processes Managers, HR trainers, an application implementation lead…Ideally, this person should also know the greatest difficulties of the end users and possess good writing skills. Find a more detailed explanation of the perfect content creator’s profile here.

  • 4. How do you count end users for the pricing?

We count every person who has a login on a given application. In case you want to deploy Newired over multiple applications, we count and add the users of all these applications.

For example, if you have 200 users of Salesforce and 300 of Workday, you have a total of 500 end users. 

Let’s now say that 50 of these 500 users use both platforms. As this is hard to establish, we don’t consider this in the pricing, so the final number of users is 500.

In case of public portals, we count the number of unique weekly visitors.

For more info, check our pricing page.

If you don’t know the precise number of end users, we can check traffic statistics provided by public websites such as or, to estimate the number of visitors/users.

  • 5. How can Journeys be searched for?

Users can launch a menu and check which Journeys are available on each page, or type something into the search bar. We recommend that Journey titles are related to the process they cover – for example, “How to add a new account in the system”, so that their search is optimized.

  • 6. How much work is expected from a customer’s IT department in order to set up Newired?

If you opt for cloud hosting managed by Newired, we will take care of the installation and set-up, so no work from your IT is expected.

In case you go for an on-premise server or private cloud managed by you, your IT should perform the installation and set-up. This shouldn’t take longer than a couple of hours, and our support team is available to assist you.

  • 7. Is it possible to detect errors in such a way as to provide end users with assistance?

If the error can be detected on the target application, you can attach Newired guidance to the elements which appear in connection with the error (e.g. error messages, error icons), and from there, retake the user to the correct process. Technically speaking, to do this, you need to define a skippable step and a step action.

  • 8. Does the end user have to log into any special Newired portal in order to see Newired guidance?

No. Newired guidance will be available and displayed as soon as the end user connects to the target application. Typically, they will have to log into the target application as they do on their every day work. No extra logins into different platforms is required to see Newired guidance.

  • 9. Can I bundle Newired guidance with my own application, so that it looks as an organic part of the latter?

Yes, absolutely. It is possible to customize Newired bubble looks to match your application. If you become our OEM partner and distribute your own solution with Newired guidance embedded in it, we also offer a white-label option. For more details on the OEM partnership and its possibilities, check this page.

  • 10. What kind of data is transferred from the target application to Newired? What are the risks of privacy breach when installing Newired?

No data is transferred from the target  application to Newired. Newired guidance is built and launched based on the behavior of the target application, but not based on the actual input provided there. To give an example, when the end user types some input in a field, Newired understands that some information was typed in, but is unable to store, understand or interpret the actual information. 

When it comes to the usage and feedback reports provided by Newired, the above remains true. As a first consideration, report usage is fully optional. In case customers decide to use them, they have nothing to worry about in terms of privacy. To generate these reports and to identify the amount of users using Newired guidance, we generate an anonymous user token (technically, a web cookie). It makes it possible to differentiate unique and returning users. The token is fully anonymous and Newired cannot extract any personal data from it.

Installing Newired thus brings no risk of privacy breach to you, your software or your company.

That’s all, folks!

Do you still have questions which have not been addressed here? You can try checking our Learning Center.

And to get a first hand insight of our solution,

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