Become an OEM Partner

If you are a software vendor for web applications, platforms and portals, this page is for you!

If you are a software vendor for web applications, platforms and portals, this page is for you!

As traditional learning and training become more and more obsolete, in-app guidance becomes the new trend for onboarding and training: users have everything they need, where and when they need it.

In-app guidance can bring many benefits to you, software vendors. It’s cool, it helps you improve the usability of your own solutions and makes customer support much easier. You can’t be left out! Your competitors might already be ahead of you!

By becoming our OEM partner, you can sell your solution with a Newired layer in place, to help the end users of your solution. You will have access to special OEM licenses, flexible and adherent to your pricing and licensing models.

With Newired on your app, you can, apart from creating in-app guidance, have access to user analytics which will help you improve your own platform. Last but not least, Newired also offers you the secure option to host data on premise, so you will have full control over the content you produce with our solution.

The OEM agreement

These are some of the advantages you will have by becoming our OEM partner:
  • Flexible licensing and pricing models, aligned with your own;
  • The possibility to choose between two options: a Branded OEM (“Powered by Newired”) or a White label instance (where the Newired label does not appear);
  • Access to Newired Server and unlimited Editors to develop, monitor and deploy the content for OEM Users;
  • Your company’s access to Newired Analytics and Multi-language features;
  • Premium OEM Newired Support for your Editors and internal IT people
OEM program

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Read our blog article here.
Or schedule a 30-min online OEM Workshop with the following content:

- Overview Newired key features for in-app guidance
- OEM License and Pricing Model
- Q&A

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