Newired Journeys in a nutshell: Newired proudly presents its eBook

Newired Journeys in a nutshell: Newired proudly presents its eBook

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Written by Natalia Kawana

Newired, as a Digital Adoption Solution, has a double-edged mission. We aim to be as simple and intuitive as possible for content creators, and at the same time, we want to help companies deliver the best possible experience to their software users. 

We work to make our solution ever more user-friendly, as you can see in the new things introduced with our latest release. For all to work in complete harmony, we also have an efficient support system in place. No matter if you are trying the trial version or if you are already our customer, we have many resources for you.

For instance, we have a Learning Center with product documentation, technical articles, FAQs and Best Practices:

Visit our Learning Center

On our blog, you can always check trendy articles, where we often talk about how to get the most out of our solution.

But this is not all. On our Resources page, you can download many more elaborated materials, such as success stories, white papers… and now, we proudly announce our latest e-Book: Newired Journeys in a Nutshell.

What is Newired Journeys in a Nutshell?

We got all our departments working to arrive to this eBook: Product Managers, Customer Success Managers, Marketing Managers, Customer Engagement Managers… and even our CEO. Because at Newired, we’re a team obsessed with people and user experience!

Our eBook aims to give guidance and advice to all Newired content creators, so that they can become master Newired authors in no time! It’s a compilation of short and fun articles with meaningful infographics and images. So that you can learn how to use our software effectively even if you are sitting on a bus on your way to work.

Overlays don’t have to be complicated nor mysterious. Creating in-app guidance doesn’t have to be complicated. And reading other kinds of resources can be FUN!

Check it out!

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And do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions!

Enjoy your reading!

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