Newired and Workday for Human Resources

Newired and Workday for Human Resources

workday and newired

Written by Gianluca Ippolito

Workday is a cloud ERP system which offers many features, mostly used into HR and finance processes of large and medium enterprises.

Workday for Human Capital Management, one of Workday’s most popular products, enables managers and employees to keep their personal information updated on one single place and to ensure that every employee’s requests and special needs are correctly tracked in the system – for example, which days the employee was on sick leave, when they came back, etc. It also offers companies the possibility to keep track of their recruitment, manage payrolls, compensation and benefits.

For the employees, Workday offers the possibility to update their personal information, control their vacation and leave days and even manage their employee learning. This feature provides even online courses, where users can combine peer-generated content, watch videos with relevant topics and more.

Given the plethora of possibilities offered, Workday can be quite complex for users, managers and employees alike. Some processes can be especially challenging, notably when it’s something users do rarely or occasionally (e.g. change their legal name in the system). Users can thus get lost or do incorrect interactions with the product, and as a result, get frustrated with Workday, eventually even with their job routine.

Why to use Newired on Workday?

Newired is a tool which can help companies solve Workday issues.

By guiding managers and employees through specific tasks, they will stop getting lost, and will complete tasks correctly and with lower time effort.

Let’s suppose an employee needs to request some days of vacation. Again, a task which is not performed every day. From the Homepage, Newired Journeys can easily bring the user to the completion of the task by guiding them step-by-step through an in-App contextual guide, helping users avoid mistakes and ensuring that processes are correctly followed, benefiting everyone involved.

Newired can certainly come in handy also to support managers who occasionally need to create specific processes for their employees. Instead of going ahead through the process of trial and error, they will smoothly follow a nice and intuitive guide which will help them complete tasks in a much reduced timespan.

With Newired, Workday for Human Capital Management becomes even stronger than before: it becomes a more user-friendly environment which enables users to be self-sufficient in an era of digital transformation.

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