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Newired Journeys with SAP®

Guide your users through even the most complex and least-traveled pathways in SAP systems.

Your experts can easily create Journeys for any user scenario on your SAP system, providing just-in-time guidance when and where it’s needed.

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Newired Journeys with Salesforce®

You understand the benefits of using a CRM like Salesforce. But the learning curve is steep, and there can be resistance to spending "non-producing" time to learn and use the tools.

Newired Journeys can help.

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Newired Journeys with Oracle®

Powerful solutions like Oracle are unavoidably complex. Training costs are high, and slow time to competence further increases costs.

Newired Journeys can flatten the curve and reduce costs.

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Multi-URL Journeys Across Applications

What if some task or process requires users to perform steps on different sites, or with different web apps? It’s no problem with Newired Journeys. You can guide users wherever they need to go.

Authors can design Journeys having steps that encompass multiple URLs. The relationship of Site and URL can be one-to one, or one-to-many, at the designers option. It’s as easy as entering one or more URLs into the Site details:

Super User Engagement

Authors of just-in-time guidance can engage with their end users to solicit, gather, and study their feedback.

This reduces guesswork and increases effectiveness and optimization of your guidance content. Your end users benefit from the best user experience with the software and sites they need to use.

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Tips & tricks, and best practices for creating super customer and user experiences with Newired Journeys. News about product releases, enhancements, new features, and much more. On the Newired Blog, of course!

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Customers Quotes

  • "A new employee on the 1st day of work in now able to work on any web corporate application, thanks to the step-by-step guidance he can follow to be immediately productive. “

  • “We measured a significant increase in user retention and organisational productivity, while enforcing standard operating procedures.”

  • “We implemented our Journeys in few hours without changes to code."

  • “By putting training right in the application/task, the user never gets lost and always accomplishes what’s desired”

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