New interview to Stefano Rizzo on Startup.info

Stefano Rizzo, CEO of Newired on how his company is letting everybody create effective guidance for any web application Here at Newired we talk about user guidance innovation all the time, but it doesn’t happen everyday to be interviewed by an amazing website like https://startup.info/ The new interview to Stefano Rizzo, has been released yesterday […]
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Newired provides guidance on Siemens Polarion evaluation servers

About Siemens Polarion Siemens introduced the world’s first 100% browser-based Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) enterprise solution in 2005, built from the ground up to enable seamless collaboration across disparate teams, and pioneered the concept of multi-directionally linked work items for full traceability, accelerated productivity, and automated proof of compliance. Siemens Polatrion is a modular software […]
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Improve CRM Training and Increase Productivity with Newired Digital Adoption Solutions

Improve CRM Training and Increase Productivity with Newired Digital Adoption Solutions In an age where customer data is generated at unprecedented rates and businesses are pursuing more clients than ever, an efficient hub for all clientele data and improve CRM training have become critical. That’s why customer relationship management software is so highly prized, and […]
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Application Lyfecycle Management

Free webinar: Revolutionize training and support by adding Newired on your ALM Polarion!

Training and support calls are things from the past. Revolutionze training and support by adding Newired on your ALM Polarion! Newired delivers a next generation solution for digital onboarding. It goes far beyond e-learning and online training with the concept of in-application step-by-step guidance.On this webinar we will show you how to: Implement fast, easy, standardized Polarion “Onboarding” […]
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