What’s new in Newired 20.3 – Design, scalability, flexibility

What’s new in Newired 20.3 – Design, scalability, flexibility

newired 20.3

​​Refined new design experience. Same Newired magic.

Newired 20.3 brings a refined new design that gives you even more of the things you love about Newired.

A clean dark new editor design makes sure your content is always front and center.

Newired 20.3
The integrated menu makes every action instantly available.
Newired 20.3

Scale your deployment without limits.

In case you need to serve more than 100.000 users around the globe – we have an environment ready for your users.

Setup a scalable cluster on-premise or in a dedicated cloud.

Newired 20.3

Deploy DAP into <iframe>

Newired is one of the most flexible digital adoption platforms. The variability of various deployment options is legendary.

It may happen that your target technology is actually embedded into another master application using a technology called <iframe> – Newired 20.3 will work perfectly with it.

Additional Enhancements

  • Add a description to a step: Some steps require more than just a simple instruction. You can easily as additional details to a step (without opening a big editor)

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