Newired provides guidance on Siemens Polarion evaluation servers

Newired provides guidance on Siemens Polarion evaluation servers

About Siemens Polarion

Siemens introduced the world’s first 100% browser-based Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) enterprise solution in 2005, built from the ground up to enable seamless collaboration across disparate teams, and pioneered the concept of multi-directionally linked work items for full traceability, accelerated productivity, and automated proof of compliance. Siemens Polatrion is a modular software platform to manage end-to-end and enterprise-grade application development, keeping the full software and product lifecycle under control.

Launch of Newired & Polarion Test Servers

As a wide enterprise software, Siemens Polarion has a lot of features, which require several hours of training to the users in order to be mastered.

If you want to try Polarion, Siemens provides a special server where users can discover the most of product functionalities. Since one week a new message came up on the Polarion test drive server – Newired is in! 

In the Siemens Polarion test drive, sometimes people got lost and they were unable to take full advantage of the extended trial. Newired provides in-app guidelines to drive users across all the available features, so that they can easily get an overview and understand it is the right one for their scopes.

siemens polarion guidance

Siemens Polarion onboarding automation

Thanks to the synergie within Newired and Siemens Polarion now users can feel more confident with the software, unleashing its potential from the very start – it doesn’t matter if you need to open a ticket or to create a task or requirement, Newired will help you all along the process.

There are at least 3 advantages of running Newired´s in-app user guidance in Siemens Polarion:

  • DAP helps with evaluator onboarding: as said above, Newired digital adoption platform is helpful to onboard totally new users and get used to Siemens Polarion faster.
  • Keep it simple: even if Polarion is not the easiest enterprise software on earth, Newired will fill the gap within the lack of knowledge of evaluators and their tasks. In the end, users will have the perception that Siemens Polarion is simple and they will be more willing to ask for a quote.
  • Focus on the user: most of enterprise software fails in representing a good example of  user-centric system, but with Newired onboarding automation it’s different. Users are never left alone, Newired will provide them all what they need to self-start with Siemens Polarion.

Goodbye to video demos and web tutorials, user guidance is in-app 

Start Siemens Polarion evaluation to see Newired at work. A single step-by-step Journey provides the same information of classic 10 minutes demos by Siemens. All existing demos could be potentially converted in Newired contextual guidance one day – this is just the beginning. 

siemens polarion guidance

Pros for the hosting application owner

While evaluators get smooth onboarding experiences, it will be possible to collect insights about what they did, what was difficult for them and which journeys have been easy to follow.

It will be possible to understand at the same time both how the Siemens Polarion platform and the Newired digital adoption platform has been used. Once collected data about each user experience Siemens Polarion evaluation process can be continuously improved, touching exactly the most relevant points.

How about having a try by yourself?

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