Press Release 19.1

Press Release 19.1

press release

TURIN, ITALY May 14th, 2019

Newired S.r.l., developers of the leading on-premise digital adoption platform, today announced the release of version 19.1 of its products, Newired Journeys and Newired Tips, as well as the addition of Surveys, a new feature which can be added into the two products.

Newired Journeys and Newired Tips 19.1 are solutions which can benefit entire organizations, regardless of their industry, in areas such as onboarding of new hires, ongoing learning, employee training, software adoption, marketing, customer care, internal and external support, supplier management and more. They are compatible with virtually any web-based application.

In addition, Newired provides an on premise-hosting model, which grants full control over software and data, crucial for many companies and organizations.

“Newired 19.1 release is a watershed for the company, only 3 months after the previous successful release of Newired 19.0. Our newest product, Tips, is now more mature and offers users many new customization possibilities. We have also added another feature, which will enhance user engagement even more: Surveys. With it, you can collect different input by your end users and engage them at a whole new level.
Apart from this, we have made our DOM selector even more robust and improved the user interface. As usual, we deeply care about our customers and so we proposed a series of improvements based on your feedback, and we’re now delivering a product which is more mature than ever.

Stefano Rizzo, Newired CEO

Newired Journeys and Tips 19.1 are true Digital Adoption accelerators which fully support in-app and real-time contextual guidance, across single or multiple applications and websites. Everything in the user’s digital world becomes connected, eliminating extra materials and intermediate resources between the user and the application.

With Newired, companies are enabled to capture and leverage the knowledge of their top experts into an independent guidance layer, which appears  visually atop any web-based software or website in the user’s browser, real-time and on the spot. No coding or technical skills are needed.

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