Newired Technology and Infrastructure

Newired Technology and Infrastructure


Written by Antonin Pokorny

As we see new kinds of digital resources implemented day after day, many questions arise.

With the so-called digital adoption tools, it’s no different. Today’s article focuses on the technical part of our digital solution, and was written by Antonin Pokorny, Newired’s co-founder, who oversees technology. How Newired works, what is required from the user and the installation options… all of that and more. Check it out!

Newired in a few words…

The whole idea behind Newired was to create “an overlay” that would operate between the eyes of application users and their favorite internet browser. It should work as an agent, improving your experience – and the improvements are sometimes quite significant.

How does Newired work in terms of technology?

Technically said, a code snippet is installed to your application. It loads our Javascript components from Newired server, and the Newired features appear in the user’s internet browser then. The method is quite similar to adding Google Analytics to your website. The technology is thus non-invasive and easy to deploy.

What is required from the user in order to use Newired?

End users don’t have to do almost anything: Newired will appear deployed on the base application as they use their browsers.

For those designing Journeys, our research shows that the majority of people with average knowledge of IT would be able to succeed. Of course, if you want to fine-tune your Journeys and Tips, it might require some knowledge of CSS and HTML, but with the help of our Learning Center, which aims to train users and provide some documentation, we can explain those concepts in a simple way.

What are the main features of Newired in terms of infrastructure?

There are components on our infrastructure: the server and the editor.

The central point representing an installed Newired solution in your organization is the Newired Server. It is a web server with Newired backend services and an online portal that hosts your configurations and settings. It also stores the data for the Journeys and Tips you create for applications and sites using the Newired Editor app.

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