Newired in Denmark

Newired in Denmark


Written by Natalia Kawana

Thanks to part of our team who has lived in Denmark and our local partner Taipuva, Newired is now more accessible to Danish speakers.

Have you seen our Journey in Danish? On our online demo on a CRM platform (Sugar CRM), you can see 5 examples of Journeys in that language. And you will see that we support all the nordic language characters without any issues!

Letters found in Nordic languages

To see our Journeys in Danish, click on the button below. Once the demo starts, select the language as shown in the picture:

Selecting the Journey language on our demo

CRM software and their challenges

We have chosen to create demo Journeys on a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software because this kind of software is among the most popular in the market, as well as among the most used by companies. Although extremely popular, CRM software can present some challenges to their final users.

For instance, CRM platforms usually have many different features, especially designed for Sales, Customer Services, Accounts Receivables and other groups of employees, which can make users confused.

Newired Journeys on CRM platforms

Newired Journeys can help users complete many kinds of tasks on a CRM: from basic operations like logging in and out to more complex processes, including processes which start on one software and then go over to another software (the so-called multi-URL Journeys). Say, for instance, that you need to register a customer’s purchase on a CRM platform and then process the order via SAP ERP. Newired allows you to guide your end users through all these platforms with a single Journey!

And what is more, you can choose to make Journeys visible only to the target group concerned. Let’s say you have Journey A teaching Sales teams how to register a new business opportunity on the CRM. But in the same company, you also have the Customer Services teams using the CRM to find the customers’ contact details, so you create Journey B to help them find user details. With Newired, you can define that Journey A will be visible only to Sales teams, while Journey B will be displayed only to Customer Services representatives. This way, they’ll find relevant information quickly and will not be exposed to processes which are not in the scope of their jobs.

Whether you are a Danish speaker and would like to deploy Journeys in that language, or whether you would like to simply help end users of a CRM software, we have the solution for you. Contact us for more information!

Meanwhile, check our video below to see one of the Journeys in Danish!

CRM Journey in Danish

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