Webinar: Newired, a new Milestone in Digital Adoption

Webinar: Newired, a new Milestone in Digital Adoption

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Written by Natalia Kawana

On 16 April, our Jiri Walek, VP from our Product Management, has hold a Webinar about Newired and why it excels among Digital Adoption Solutions (DAS) or Platforms (DAP).

He talked about Newired technology and how it can help companies overcome the well-known challenges of rolling out new applications, training personnel and providing support to users.

When choosing a Digital Adoption Solution or Platform, there are many important things that we need to consider: robustness, pricing, flexibility, security, user-friendliness…to name only a few. 

Jiri Walek explains, with a nice visual presentation, why Newired is a great choice for your company, with all the above considered. And at the end, he answers to the participant’s questions.

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