Training automation is all about human being

Training automation is all about human being

Written by Andrea Folino

Finding the best method for training new employees is crucial for a company. Even if to many people it could sound strange, when we talk about staff training, we talk about people, and onboarding or training them can be stressful, complex and sometimes ineffective.

But it is not necessarily people’s fault; it may be the company’s training method or policies which are rather ineffective. 

Well, in this article we will introduce you to training automation, one of Newired’s use cases which allows a company to quickly train employees.

If you’ve never heard of Newired, here is a quick definition of what we do. We’re a Digital Adoption Solution which allows companies to create a guidance layer over the software used by its employees, taking them through business processes whenever they need. 

If you’ve never heard of this kind of solution, please check the video below for more explanation.

Digital Adoption Solutions help users AND keep them in-app, and can be a perfect means for the automation of onboarding and training. And there are many other features that make it the perfect training method for new hires and more experienced employees alike. Let’s go through them.

  • Everyone at their own pace: training automation allows platform users to learn flexibly, when they are available, adapting to their needs instead of requiring them to adapt to fixed schedules.
  • Save time and money: automating the training of your platform means avoiding dedicating internal resources to training every time new people are hired.
  • Feedback: creating a system to verify the platform users’ skills will help them to receiving feedback about their study method and what they have learnt.
  • Gather information about your users: create surveys and see the platform’s users’ hurdles and understand what they need to learn
  • Give the users just what they need: thanks to the previous point, you can segment users, in order to make them study just the processes they need to know for their own job.
  • Constant support: constantly update your training system with new features’ explanation and errors’ fix.
  • Gamification: people need to feel satisfied and know they are doing well. Having many small steps to reach will allow users to have a sense of accomplishment more often than just at the end of the program. Consequently, they will more easily keep learning without getting discouraged. 

Are these reasons enough to convince you to switch from traditional training methods to adding an in-app guidance layer? We’ll be more than happy to help you!


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