Press Release 19.2

Press Release 19.2

TURIN, ITALY August 13th, 2019

Newired S.r.l., developers of the leading on-premise Digital Adoption Solution, today announces the release of version 19.2 of its solutions, Newired Journeys and Newired Tips, as well as the addition of a new plugin, Zendesk Guide.

Newired 19.2 can benefit entire companies and organizations, regardless of their industry and size, in areas such as onboarding of new hires, ongoing learning, employee training, software adoption, marketing, customer care, internal and external support, supplier management and more. It can be added as a support layer over virtually any web-based application.

As usual, Newired provides a mature on premise-hosting option, which grants full control over your software and the data you produce, enhancing your security.

Newired 19.2 proves our strong commitment in a scenario of continuous disruption of  traditional onboarding techniques. In-app, step-by-step contextual guidance brings stronger memory imprint and warmer user acceptance (as per user feedback).  The industry’s unique cross-dimensional element matcher exceeds our expectations in binding stability, as we make our element detection algorithm more and more robust.  And … check out the new design style – it is so pretty!

Jiri Walek / Newired Product Management

Newired 19.2 is a valuable resource to help you successfully go through the phenomenon of digital transformation. It fully supports in-app and real-time contextual guidance, across single or multiple applications and websites, no matter their complexity.

With Newired, companies are enabled to capture and leverage the knowledge of their top process and training experts into an independent guidance layer, which appears  visually atop any web-based software or website in the user’s browser. No coding or technical skills are needed to create Newired’s layer.

Keep wired!

At Newired we deliver 100% no-code tools which allow the delivery of quick usability fixes. Speed up onboarding on any web application and put users first!

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