Newsletter May 2022

Newsletter May 2022

The essence of Digital Adoption Platforms is to give Software vendors and Application Service providers a powerful tool to guide and support their users whenever they need to learn how to deal with new functionality, or need to be rescued when they are lost. We can spend a pretty long time listing all the different use cases that DAPs support, even a longer time to describe the multiple approaches that DAP vendors follow while providing their solutions. This is not the goal of this piece, do not worry! Whatever the use cases and the approaches are, the ultimate goal of DAP is to make the life of the users easier, more efficient and pleasant. 

Isn’t this something that every single vendor or service provider should desire to have? Considering that DAPs or similar solutions have been in the market for quite ten years, one could expect that every single software product or portal is fully equipped with beautiful DAP step by step guidance, tips, handouts, panels, that magically appear anytime the user needs help. Sadly, this is not the case. 

My personal experience says that far less than 1% of Web applications show this facility. Even less in case of mobile apps and desktop applications.

This means that the Adoption of Digital Adoption, today, is far too low in relationship with the benefits that DAP claims to be able to provide. Why does this happen? 

Reasons are multiple but can be grouped into three categories:

  1. Inflated expectations about easiness. Looking at a DAP vendor website, or attending a demo, customers have the impression that creating DAP content is fast and easy. Once they have the solution in their hands, however, they discover that coding skills are needed to create robust guidance. Once they need to maintain such guidance (and happens every second day) they face even harder times. The consequence is disillusion and scarce adoption.
  2. Unbalanced Cost of Ownership / Perceived Value ratio. In most of the cases, DAP vendors provide a perceived value that is one order of magnitude lower than the Total Cost of Ownership (License + content creation and maintenance). Often customers subscribe to cheap DAPs that simply don’t work in most cases, so the consequence is disillusion and scarce adoption.
  3. Poor support by DAP Vendors. Being able to deploy robust content onto any web application is, in most cases, not easy at all (see 1). So customers need support, that is overwhelmed in case of cheap DAP solutions, answers are slow and insufficient or are simply unable to solve the issues. Which consequence? Disillusion and scarce adoption.

If we look closer into DAP vendors, on one hand we find *very* expensive solutions that suffer mainly from issues in 1 and 2 above, on the other hand we have cheap solutions that suffer mainly from issues in 2 (even if it’s cheap, it’s too much if it does not work) and 3 above. 

I agree: having these two separate blocks demonstrates that the market is immature, so better to wait for a balanced solution. Tomorrow.

Or we can just check what real users say about their satisfaction in using DAP vendors today: you might discover that there is one of them that has already the right balance in terms of cost/ value, it’s easy to use and shows a stellar support to customers. Guess who are them 🙂


Stefano Rizzo
CEO, Newired



Newired has been named a gold medalist in the 2022 
Digital Adoption Platforms Data Quadrant Awards!

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Loredana Staicu
Marketing Manager, Newired

Adjust Names User Experience Level

It is possible to adjust/change the names of your user experience levels according to what you internally use matching your company.

Standardly we named them: Newcomer, Proficient, Administrator.

Local server (on-prem)


In case you have the Newired installation on your local server, you can adjust this in the file Path: /tomcat/conf/

adding for example: newired.userSkillLevels = Starter, Advanced, Administrator

newired.defaultUserSkillLevel = Starter


In this example, your default skill level will be Starter instead of Newcomer. After you replace the file, you are required to restart the server and perform a content publish on the portal.


Cloud server (Newired)

Open a ticket to and provide us your information.

  1. Cloud server name
  2. Names you want to use for your skill levels
  3. Approximate time we can restart your server
  4. We will perform the action, restart your server and notify you. You will need to perform a content publishing on your portal for the changes to be visible.


Customer Success Manager, Newired
phone +39 375 648 4250

May 31st, 2022 @3PM CEST

Webinar: Learning Management System (LMS) vs Digital Adoption Platform (DAP)


In this Webinar we’ll focus on WHY and HOW to combine your LMS with a Newired DAP to deliver the best digital training experience for your employees and boost Digital Adoption across your organization.

– Compare the values and benefits of LMS vs DAP.
– What are the key limitations?
– Is one replacing the other?
– Do they complement each other and what one brings to the other?

+ Why Newired is a clear choice to supplement LMS.

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