Newsletter August 2022

Newsletter August 2022

Everyday we all – as employees, consumers, users of different technologies – have a digital experience

Organizations mention efficiency, resiliency, productivity, ROI and competitive advantage as critical reasons to digitally transform their businesses. But besides the well-known benefits that a digital change can bring to a company in this era, a question still remains: why is Digital Transformation still so difficult?

It may sound like a simple step to take, but according to digital statistics, 70% of all digital transformation programs fail because of employees resistance and lack of support from management (McKinsey) and only 16% of employees said that their performance improved or was sustainable due to the company’s digital transformation.

Knowing that 62% of employees don’t like leaving their comfort zone (Forbes); considering that 45.6% of employees experienced information overload during a change; and realizing that 35.6% of employees faced challenges adapting to digital trends and new technologies (Gartner), it becomes mandatory for the companies to ensure an effortless transition.

But there’s light at the end of the adoption tunnel. There’s Newired: a user-centric technology created to smooth the impact of progress on people’s working life and companies. 

According to independent user surveys, 91% of the users had a successful digital implementation using Newired software, 89% reported business performances and 93% confirmed that adapting Newired technology was trouble-free. Choosing the right software is only a step away.

Loredana Staicu

Marketing Manager, Newired 


Newired brings you: User Training and Certified Training


We offer User Training and Certified Training options for the understanding and customization of our software. Enabling you to make the most out of Newired and allow your team to use and fully customize the application in addition to supporting your organization’s needs.

User Training 

  • Newired Application Training Basic and Advanced
  • Newired Dev Kit Training
  • Newired CSS Training

Newired Certifications (Coming Soon)

  • Newired Fundamentals Certification
  • Newired Application Training Basic and Advanced
  • Newired Expert Certification
  • Newired Dev Kit Training
  • Newired CSS Training


User Training will ensure you a complete understanding and experience on how to use our system. 

Certification Training will grant you an in-depth knowledge of customizability and use of how far the system is, also giving you the ability to train and support the DAP uses internally.

Request Information

Loredana Staicu

Marketing Manager, Newired


Collect logs

Discover a series of articles that will guide you identifying any problem in the browser/ editor and will help you collect data to send to the Newired’s support desk:

  • Snippet: How to check if you have the correct snippet installed;
  • Console: How to get logs from browser/editor;
  • Generating a HAR file from a browser;
  • Generating LOG/HAR file from Newired Editor;
  • Tomcat: Getting LOG files from Newired Portal and installation.

Customer Success Manager, Newired


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