Customer stories


Customer Stories

Find out how our customers use our product to boost their businesses.

The following customers trust on Newired for Digital Adoption, Onboarding, global roll-outs and User engagement:


“We´re very satisfied with Newired and all the onboarding and digital adoption problems it helped us address.

In-app guidance is the most efficient was to deliver all the help and assistance that users need when using our e-procurement platform.”

Angela Romeo, Sales Account, Synertrade

“We´ve ben really impressed about how fast Newired solved a pretty annoying and time-consuming issue for us. After adopting the solution, we observed significant savings, higher quality and last but not least, a friendlier process for our employees.”

Luca Bassini, CEO, Emerasoft (Lynx Group)

“The Newired solution transformed our way of implementing systems and business processes, facilitating the onboarding of new employees and the daily use of the systems in a standardized and consistent way. “

Eid Glauco Andrade, IT Manager, Wittel

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