Problem Management platforms and Newired: boost your support center and customer satisfaction!

Problem Management platforms and Newired: boost your support center and customer satisfaction!

Written by Andrea Folino, Natalia Kawana and Riccardo Lorenzi

When we meet obstacles and hurdles along their way, one of the first things we are used to doing is asking for help.

Help desks were conceived exactly for this reason: how can we provide support to people having difficulties using our product, our website?

In this context, we want to talk about help desks as software which customers and visitors can consult and use, in order to obtain a fast, clear and comprehensive clarification or resolution of their questions and issues. Or at least, this is the result intended.

Problems management platforms can help companies offering products or services keep track, analyze and offer answers to any problems faced by their customers.

Depending on the company’s needs, Problems Managements Software offer various solutions, among which:

  • A learning center: a knowledge base for the customers, an online manual which explains the product or service, its features and how to use it.
  • A live chat: a solution which puts in contact both sides of the medal: customer and customer manager.
  • A Support mail and ticket system: A platform which puts together all the support requests made and helps trace and store them.

It is great to have a combination of all these features and resources, even more if they are all available at a single platform. Nevertheless, it is also a fact that the more features a product provides, the more likely it is to become harder to use. This is how even software created to simplify people’s lives can generate doubts and issues.

But how does Newired relate to this problem and how can it help with this complexity?

It is simpler than you think: Newired adds an extra layer to the target application, an overlay that integrates with the elements of the target software. This means there isn’t a third site or application you need to visit to understand how your help center works: Newired offers in-app, contextual guidance that can help whenever you and your users need, without adding extra difficulties or resources to it. No more PDF manuals, screenshots and endless video tutorials. Now users can learn by doing and will receive the support they need in the application itself.

Customer-centric services need to be as clear as possible, as customers typically have no expertise on a third-party application they are using, Newired enhances this kind of interaction; with its contextual procedures, the customer is guided step-by-step. The result? They make many more mistakes. And even when they do make mistakes, they are taken back and shown exactly where that happened, and are taken by Newired to correct it.

There are many examples of Problem Management solutions: Freshservice, Jira Service Desk, Helpscout, SoftExpert… to mention only a few.Here, let’s take Zendesk as an example.

Zendesk is a problem management platform: its purpose is to reduce problems and misunderstandings as much as possible, helping a company’s customers find and access the support they need.

This kind of software is mainly used by two kinds of profiles: 

  • End user: The end user is the main target of the application. They use this kind of software to solve problems related to the products and services of the company who owns the center. 
  • Customer success manager: They typically use the ticketing system to track and manage support requests of a company’s customers
  • Product managers: They typically make sure the Learning Center is always up to date and reflects the latest product or service updates.

Newired enhances your end users’ and employees’ performance

With Newired, you can raise the success rate of your customers’ and of all the employees who add and manage content on the problem management software. 

By creating Journeys for your customers, you will guide them through finding the information they need on your knowledge base. Or even when they don’t find it, Newired can help them submit tickets and support requests. This will make them more independent and will reduce your support efforts and costs.

When it comes to your employees, you can help them address support requests in a faster and more efficient way. Configuring, updating and using Zendesk might not be so easy, as its interface can be quite complex when so many features are available. But as customers will see all passages made by employees, every step has to be precise, and the content available has to be concise, up-to-date and well-distributed. 

Understanding this process requires proper tutoring or training, which requires substantial amounts of time and resources. With Newired, you can create linear processes which explain to an employee how to publish an article, or how to add it into a different category… how to configure the platform interface… The possibilities are endless! And the good news is that by offering in-app onboarding and training, you’ll optimize and reduce their costs and efficiency.

Let’s see an example of how Newired can help Zendesk learning center end users and employees who need to input content on Zendesk!

Finally, Newired also offers a plugin called Zendesk plugin. With it, you can directly quote a document from your Zendesk support center (in case you have one) into the application concerned. This enhances the end user’s experience, as they can now find all the help where they actually need it, and saves your employee’s efforts, as they no longer need to copy and paste content to send to your customers.

If you’d like to implement Newired at your company

If you are a Problem Management solution provider, we offer you the possibility of becoming our OEM partner

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