Overlay Technology – What is this? A new Buzz?

Overlay Technology – What is this? A new Buzz?

Written by Frank Schroeder

Before we see how Newired defines and uses overlays technology let’s understand What overlays are and how they get used.

Overlay or Overlay(s) have different definitions and approaches  in different fields.

Networking & Overlays

In networking, overlay means to use software and build layers of network abstraction which can be used to run multiple separate discrete virtualized network layers on top of a physical network.

Programming & Overlays

In computer programming, “overlaying” is a programming method that allows programs to be larger than the computer main memory. Overlaying means here the process of transferring a block of code or other data into main memory and replacing what is already stored. This is normally used by embedded systems because of the limitations of physical memory.

Website & Overlays

I think we all came across website overlays – these are the pop ups which appear when browsing a website after a certain time or when you want to leave the page. These boxes which overlay a small element over a website are also called “Modal”. They usually have a call to action headline with a button. They are used to improve conversion rates.

Gaming & Overlays

In computer gaming, overlays get used to place additional functions and graphics on the game. This is usually done with frames. Most of the streaming games provide premade overlays and/or an overlay editor for customization.

Google & Overlays

Google provides an overlay app on Android, which allows the users to build overlays floating widgets over different apps. With this overlay app, the user is able to customize different apps based on their specific usability needs.

How does Newired defines and uses Overlay Technology?

Understanding the different approaches on overlays in different areas, Newired adopted the same concept in the field of web applications.

Newired & Overlays

Newired uses intelligent overlay technology to provide in-app contextual guidelines for web applications.

These overlays are created by Newired, and the content gets implemented over the application to guide the end users of that specific web application.

To build the content for the overlays, Newired customers use Newired Editor. The content created with the Editor can be Journeys and/or Tips, and they get launched as an in-app contextual layer to guide the user through web applications.

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