Newsletter May 2024

Newsletter May 2024

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, the importance of connectivity cannot be overstated. As businesses and individuals navigate an increasingly interconnected world, the ability to forge and maintain meaningful connections is crucial. This is especially true for technology companies like Newired, which thrive on innovation and collaboration. 

Why Connectivity Matters

Statistics from industry analysts further emphasize the importance of connectivity in the digital age. For instance, Gartner predicts that by 2025, 75% of organizations will have implemented a digital adoption solution to enhance user engagement and productivity. This trend reflects a growing recognition of the need to connect technology with user experience, a core principle that drives Newired’s solutions.

Moreover, a study by IDC indicates that connected digital ecosystems can boost business productivity by up to 25%, underscoring the economic impact of effective digital strategies. These insights reinforce the importance of events like VivaTech and NEXUS 2050, where leaders can exchange ideas and best practices to harness the full potential of digital connectivity.

The digital era demands that we prioritize connectivity in all its forms. By actively participating in global events and staying informed, Newired continues to position itself as a leader in digital adoption solutions

We are excited about the opportunities ahead and look forward to continuing the journey of innovation and collaboration with you all.

Loredana Staicu
Marketing Manager, Newired

viva tech and newired at 2024 eventviva tech and newired at 2024 event

Newired Shined at VivaTech 2024:
A Milestone for Innovation and Customer Engagement

What a blast! VivaTech 2024, the 8th edition of Europe’s premier technology event, broke new attendance records with over 165,000 visitors from around the world. Newired was thrilled to be at the heart of it all, showcasing our cutting-edge digital adoption solutions and engaging deeply with attendees.

What It Means for Our Customers

For our customers, Newired’s participation in VivaTech 2024 brings several key benefits:

  • Access to Innovations: Being at VivaTech ensures our solutions incorporate the latest technological advancements, providing state-of-the-art tools for digital adoption and user onboarding.
  • Enhanced Engagement: Direct interactions at the event help us understand customer needs better and tailor our solutions accordingly, ensuring maximum value.
  • Networking Opportunities: VivaTech allowed us to forge new partnerships and strengthen existing ones, creating a robust ecosystem for our customers.
  • Future-Ready Solutions: Insights gained from VivaTech guide our product developments, ensuring our solutions meet both current and future demands.

Looking Ahead

Post-VivaTech, we are committed to leveraging the momentum gained to drive further innovation and customer success. We extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who visited our booth and participated in discussions. Your feedback is vital to our continuous improvement.

Newired to Showcase Solutions at NEXUS 2050: THE INTERNATIONAL TECH PULSE
JUNE 26 – 27, 2024 — LUXEMBOURG CITY

Following our successful participation at VivaTech 2024, Newired is excited to announce that we will be showcasing our innovative digital adoption solutions at the upcoming NEXUS 2050 event

Set to take place next month, NEXUS 2050 is a premier platform for forward-thinking technology and sustainability discussions, drawing leaders and innovators from around the globe. Read more about the event

NEXUS 2050: Shaping the Future

NEXUS 2050 is more than just a technology conference; it is a vision for the future. This event gathers the brightest minds to explore and address the critical challenges and opportunities of tomorrow. With a comprehensive program featuring keynote speeches, panel discussions, and interactive sessions, NEXUS 2050 aims to foster collaboration and inspire actionable insights. Stay updated with Newired’s events.

We are excited to announce the newest addition to the Newired family! Please join us in welcoming Jacques Brès, our new Business Development Lead for the French-speaking market.

Jacques brings a wealth of experience and expertise in driving digital transformation initiatives. His deep understanding of the market and his strategic vision will be invaluable as we continue to expand our presence and support our clients in their digital journeys.

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