Credit Agricole Success Story

Success Story Crédit Agricole

Newired and Crédit Agricole's Journey with Oracle Target Application

The Crédit Agricole Group, one of top 10 banking groups worldwide, with 11.5 million mutual shareholders, operates in 46 Countries, including Italy, which is its second domestic market. It operates in Italy with all its business lines: from commercial banking, to consumer lending, from corporate&investment banking to private banking and asset management, all the way to insurance and wealth management services for HNW individuals The cooperation between the commercial network and the business lines ensures wide-ranging and integrated operations serving 6 million customers, through approximately 1,600 points of sale and over 16,200 employees, as well as increasing support to the economy with about 100 billion Euros in loans. 

Besides Crédit Agricole Italia, the Group consists of the entities engaged in Corporate and Investment Banking (CACIB), Specialist Financial Services (Agos, CA Auto Bank), Leasing (Crédit Agricole Leasing, which is part of Crédit Agricole Italia) and factoring (CA Factor), Asset Management and Asset Services (Amundi, CACEIS), Insurance (Crédit Agricole Vita, Crédit Agricole Assicurazioni, Crédit Agricole Creditor Insurance) and Wealth Management CA
(Indosuez Wealth Management in Italy and CA Indosuez Fiduciaria).

The Challenge

Crédit Agricole, a prominent financial institution, faced challenges in effectively utilizing Oracle Target Application for their specific needs. Limited user availability and a short timeframe posed obstacles in demonstrating advanced features like segmentation for specific user bases.

The Solution

Newired boldly tackled the challenges at hand by partnering with Crédit Agricole Italia to address them effectively. Leveraging our intuitive platform, we collaborated to:

  • Develop Tailored Content: We created custom content specifically designed for internal demonstrations, highlighting the functionality of the Oracle Target Application.
  • Overcome User Constraints: Despite facing time constraints, we successfully achieved key objectives within a tight timeframe.

Our joint effort resulted in the creation of valuable content for internal demonstrations, showcasing how Newired seamlessly integrates with the Oracle Application used for POC to streamline processes.
There was an in-person workshop organized where Newired representatives showcased the ease of content creation through our technology and its seamless integration with the Oracle development platform.
Additionally, we were able to facilitate the onboarding process for new managers, ensuring a smooth transition into their roles.

"At Newired, we pride ourselves on our ability to meet challenges head-on and collaborate effectively with our valued partners. Working alongside Crédit Agricole has been an inspiring journey, one marked by innovation, dedication, and mutual success. Together, we embarked on a mission to address complex hurdles, leveraging the power of our intuitive platform to develop tailored content that perfectly aligned with Crédit Agricole's needs. Despite tight time constraints, our joint efforts prevailed, achieving key objectives and surpassing expectations. Through our collaboration, we not only created valuable internal demonstration content but also demonstrated the seamless integration of Newired with the Oracle Target Application, streamlining processes and enhancing productivity."
Chris Dewippe
Head of Customer Success, Newired

Results & Achievements

Application Profiling: Newired’s potential to initiate “application profiling” for Crédit Agricole ensures readiness for future interactions with the customized Oracle.
Positive Accomplishments: Despite limitations, the collaboration resulted in tangible accomplishments, setting the stage for future success.

With the positive outcomes achieved and recognizing the potential for “application profiling,” it is highly recommended pursuing Newired’s approach for continued success in Oracle Target Application customization.

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