Newired 19.1 new features open webinar

Newired 19.1 new features open webinar


Do you know what digital adoption solutions (DAS) are? And what you can do with them?

Our DAS, Newired, is constantly evolving to empower users in the digital sphere.

We recently had our second release in 2019, Newired 19.1, where we introduced a number of improvements and new features. And we want you to keep track of all the changes.

On the 2 July, at 4:30pm CET, we will run a Webinar to show you all the news!

The agenda is:

  • How to onboard a salesperson on a CRM software;
  • Journeys: Newired guidelines taking users through CRM processes;
  • Newired Tips;
  • How to create Journeys and Tips;
  • User Feedback;
  • Newired Journeys;
  • Usage and Surveys reports

We’ll also address your questions and concerns.

Come and join us!

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