Journeys in a Nutshell 1/9

Journeys in a Nutshell 1/9

nutshell with newired journeys

What are Journeys?

Journeys are one of the products offered by Newired to help end users of software and applications better use and understand these digital resources. Journeys are, in a few words, guidelines which appear to end users in a sequence, normally consisting of several steps, which typically lead them to complete a task.

What can be achieved with Journeys?

Journeys are ideal to follow and guide users through the actions they need to take in order to finalize a process. By using Journeys, users can reap the following benefits:

  1. They’ll have the information they need, in the context they need, always within reach;
  2. They’ll have a flow which is coherent with their required actions and processes always accompanying them, and thus giving them confidence to correctly finish a process;
  3. They’ll have a lower rate of mistakes, as they no longer will have to rely on their memory or external resources to take correct action;
  4. They’ll have a reduced need for traditional training and refreshers;
  5. As they’ll learn by doing, the time they take to onboard software will also be reduced.
  6. Their user frustration will be reduced, as they will quickly be able to complete the tasks they are required to.
  7. As a result, they will be more motivated at their workplace.

How to create Journeys?

With Newired, you can easily create Journeys. All you need is:

  • Newired Portal,
  • Newired Editor,
  • Access to the base application.
Laptop Screen with editor

The portal is the server-side component of Newired, and is where Newired content will be stored, managed and published. It is set-up by your IT department and our Newired IT staff.

The editor is the tool which you can use to design your Journey – content and formwise. It can easily be installed on your PC, as it is downloadable from the Portal.

To create a Journey, you need to add the application URL(s) to Newired Portal and open the editor. Then you need to login into the base application, which will open on the editor’s internal browser.

And the fun begins. With the editor, you can create a Journey step by step. You start by giving the Journey a name, then you add each step at a time, connecting it to a page element and defining its actions and content. From one step to the next, you also need to be mindful of the step transitions: which action will take me from one Journey step to the next? This can be done with a click, by typing something in a field, by hovering the mouse on a page element… we offer many transitions possibilities in order to be coherent with the action required.

Customizing my Journeys

You are quite free to customize your Journey Steps: you can write advice, add links and pictures and to decide whether your end users are to provide feedback after a step or the whole Journey itself. This feedback can be your driver for improvement: you’ll have material to continuously monitor your Journeys and make them better for your end user.

Wanna know more?

This intro was just the first article on a whole series dedicated to Journeys. In the next days, we will go through Journeys best practices, making sure you are prepared to start producing your own Journeys. Keep wired!

Would you like to test Newired?

If you would like to see a 5-minute online Newired demo, click here:

If you wish, we can also show you how to create Journeys on a live demo.

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