“Digital Adoption platforms”: 5 reasons why you should consider keeping your overlay data under your control

“Digital Adoption platforms”: 5 reasons why you should consider keeping your overlay data under your control

Digital adoption platform

We have a new category of software on the market: technologies which allow companies to put zero-code layers between their web applications and their users, to allow for an easy and quick creation of in-app guidance, tips or any other helpful interaction. They can be summarized as pieces of software which are able to put an overlay on top of any web application. All with the objective to grant end users a better digital experience.

As these tools, which are referred to by some as “Digital adoption platforms”, get more and more popular, a question emerges: where is all the data concerning these overlayers stored?

There are basically 3 possibilities for this: on premise, private Cloud or at vendor’s facilities if the base application is a SaaS. Which one should you go for?

5 reasons to keep your overlays data on your premise (or on your private cloud):

Newired’s CEO, Stefano Rizzo, explains why we should consider carefully where to store this data, giving us 5 reasons to go for an on-premise solution vs. going for the vendor’s facility.

  1. You are not connected to the Internet.
  2. You would like to put your overlays on an application that you use internally behind your firewall.
  3. You don’t trust that the high-security standard of your overlay vendors will never be breached by some malicious and smart third party;
  4. You don’t believe that the vendor of your overlays will never never give a look into your own content;
  5. You would simply like to be sure that your overlay vendor will not decide that your overlays are no longer available to you at some point.

On the other hand, there are good reasons to let your vendor manage your data on their SaaS offering:

  1. You have moved to Cloud storage since a while and you don’t need another hassle with a new internal server;
  2. You want to put overlays on a 3-rd party Application that is SaaS;
  3. You don’t care too much about safety or security;
  4. You think that it is beneficial if your overlays vendor keeps your data, so they can help you manage and improve your overlays;
  5. You want to put overlays on your public website or content

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