Data Security

Newired's Security and Privacy

Security and Privacy are built into Newired’s core principles. Newired empowers users to decide whether to collect data, giving them control over analytics.

Newired maintains rigorous privacy and security standards, ensuring compliance with global regulations to earn and keep the trust of its customers worldwide.

Our Security

At Newired, safeguarding our customers’ information is our top priority. We firmly believe that ensuring robust privacy depends on implementing robust security measures

We engage extensive measures to protect your data, tailored to the specific characteristics of the personal information and the potential threats it may face. Our ongoing commitment is to continuously enhance this shelter in order to maintain the security of our customers’ personal data.

  • Confidentiality
  • Integrity
  • Availability

Confidentiality is a core pillar of Newired's security approach. We protect it through data encryption, strict access controls, data minimization, secure infrastructure, employee training, NDAs, regulatory compliance, third-party scrutiny, and incident response plans.

We maintain data integrity through various mechanisms and practices such as: encryption, access controls, monitoring, redundancy, change management, data validation, and compliance with industry standards and regulations. 

Availability is a crucial aspect of security at Newired, as it ensures that our services and systems are accessible and operational when needed. The key elements of Newired's availability-focused security strategy include redundancy, load balancing, backup and disaster recovery, continuous monitoring, scalability, and incident response.

Your Privacy

What sets us apart is our unique offering:

Newired is the only Digital Adoption Solution that empowers you with the authority to choose whether data is collected or not, what type of data is collected (anonymous or private), and where the data is stored.

Certifications and attestations

Newired is ISO 27001 certified, and our hosted customers benefit from SOC 2/SOC 3 compliant hosting providers.

You can download our ISO 27001 certificate.

ISO/IEC 27001

Information Security Management
System (ISMS)