Reduce the cost of support by making users self reliable

  • Increase users independence
  • Guide them to resources and answers
  • Reduce support requests
  • Cut customer care costs
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Reduce the cost of support by making users self reliable

  • Increase users independence
  • Guide them to resources and answers
  • Reduce support requests
  • Cut customer care costs
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Real time guidance


People today have high expectations for customer care and support, but all too often they are met with confusing, frustrating online support experiences.
Many, if not most, are perfectly willing to support themselves if the business would just make it easy. That's so easy and cost-effective to do with Newired Journeys.
You can gently guide people to and through your online support resources and solutions in real time, anticipating mistakes and helping people avoid them.
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For the users


Make your users feel more independent through the "Virtual hand-holding" user experience that Newired enables you to have without having to spend countless hours on boring calls.
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Ease customers' pain


The way you serve your customers and user really matter. You can be some steps ahead of your competition by providing your users a modern and cool user experience.
The great online experience of your users can become your best advertising.
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  • The Newired solution transformed our way of implementing systems and business processes, facilitating the onboarding of new employees and the daily use of the systems in a standardized and consistent way.
  • As soon as I joined the team, it felt like home. Every day we tackle different challenges, so it never gets boring, and it’s been amazing to work with an open minded and professional team to achieve the main mission of our Company. With the team, we focus on real people's needs and make sure that they can have the most pleasant experience when using software. Not only is our aim to aid any User and make them satisfied, but we also want to make Companies succeed in the complex process of software adoption.
    Gianluca Ippolito
    Product Manager
  • Many users don’t leverage available technology, since they can’t use it efficiently or they hate to use it. A lot of time is wasted due to non-intuitive user interfaces. I joined the vision of bringing technology closer to user’s life, without the need to rebuild or code it. My task has been to build a great team that would build a great product. I’m proud that we can show to the world the many talents we have here in Ostrava.
    Roman Smirak
    Ostrava Operations Manager
  • I’ve been working here for some years and I see with my own eyes how the company quickly grew up, starting from a bunch of people with great aspirations. I’m a kind of humanist with a leaning for video games, our mission here is to improve the communication within humans and software, the challenge is to make software more human, instead of expecting from people to behave like machines. This is awesome, the team is awesome, Newired is awesome.
    Lucia Manetti
    Marketing Manager
  • I’m a free soul, a globetrotter with multiple interests and a lot of energy. That is seen is something unusual or even weird at more traditional working environments. But at Newired, this is an asset. I feel at home, I feel I can make a difference to the company and to our customers by just being 100% myself. And I learn and grow, personally and professionally, every day. Newired is my place.
    Natalia Kawana
    Customer Engagement Manager
  • In the case of Newired, we have undoubtedly found the best solution to add value to our clients in the process of improving the user's experience. They have an innovative, practical, user-friendly and technologically proven solution in several sectors.
    Joaquin Del Palacio Rodriguez
  • It’s really a no-brainer: Newired Journeys can make any web-based tool easier to use and faster to adopt. It brings instant ROI, when the first class-room trainings can be avoided. What is brilliant, is the way Newired Journeys can guide users through complex workflows, which are usually spread into many pages and dialogs. It can give deeper insight into the processes, why people should do as instructed. This is far better than the small technical tooltip hints that many tools have built-in.
    Pasi Ahola
    Taipuva Consulting
  • We deal with complex software environments, Newired Journeys  allows us to rapidly simplify the product and user experience. If an employee gets hung up, Journeys can tell them what to do next. It truly simplifies the modern user interface.
    Regg Struyk
    eLead ALM
  • Newired fits perfectly with our 'quest for continuous improvement' and our three pillars: visualise – collaborate – automate – all helping to make our customer more successful in what they are doing.
  • Neki-IT has the mission to optimize results for its customers, Newired's UX solution has a direct fit into our value proposition. It engages the customer into the application usability, reduces time of support team, and its flexibility allows for great improvement.

Newired Magic in a Nutshell

Works on top of any existing application