Newired Interaction Consultancy

Newired Interaction Consultancy

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To ensure the best delivery of Newired to the customer environment we offer three types of consultancy: General, Technical and Specialized.

  • General Consultancy is provided by Newired in case of installation support, loading of Newired software support, internal preparation for training, meetings and additional required training/support and any General consulting.
  • Technical Consultancy involves the Newired IT department, in case of technical changes to software, the management of complex queries, the resolution of any unforeseen problems and any other Technical consultancy.
  • Specialized Consultancy involves Newired’s R&D department or specialists, in case of fixes, resolution of critical errors experienced by the client, customized configurations and any other kind of Specialized consultancy.


Delivery: Online Sessions.

Services: 1 Service Unit for General Consultancy.

2 Service Units for Technical Consultancy.

3 Service Units for Specialized Consultancy.

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