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Success Story PROFESIA

Profesia Enhances Efficiency and Employee Productivity with Newired's Tailored ALM Training





Profesia is a fast-growing player in the Italian IT marketplace.

Before signing up as a distributor of Newired, Profesia introduced it as support tool to train each employee in the activity reporting system, where they track their day-by-day tasks.

This system is based on a popular ALM platform.
The outcome was a reduction of support requests
to the internal help desk: 54% reduction on phone calls and 38% reduction on e-mail interactions.

The Challenge

Profesia is a leading player for IT products and services in Italy.

Since 2005 its growth has been steady. Up to a few years ago, it was easy to monitor the activity of each employee, but as the recruitment
grew and the tasks became even more specific, the need to fill in timesheets became crucial.
For this reason, they started using Polarion, a selected section of the ALM platform, in order to register daily activities.

After some time, the administration registered a high number of mistakes when filling in the spreadsheets. The internal support team was not able to manage all the requests and in only one month, these grew by 42%.

The ALM platform is an extremely customizable tool, but it needs adequate training to be used properly. Therefore, the HR manager of Profesia became aware of the need for a dedicated training.

“We’ve been really impressed about how fast Newired solved a pretty annoying and time consuming issue for us. After adopting the solution, we observed significant savings, higher quality and, last but not least, a friendlier process for our employees.”
Luca Bassini,
CEO in Profesia

The Solution

Profesia went through traditional training methods, including videos, manuals, support and company classes, with significant effort and cost, without the desired outcome.

The employees forgot the information acquired with these resources rather quickly, and Profesia had to face the issue with an increased engagement of its support team.


The HR manager in Profesia discovered Newired and, after the failure of these traditional methods, deployed it as a solution to introduce continuous training, with no waste of resources.

He started a brief course about the creation of guidelines, aimed at the support team.


Profesia’s employees, thanks to Newired, reduced their number of support requests, and at the same time, saw a decrease in the number of mistakes made employees on the timesheet. This made the use of spreadsheet much easier and faster in the short and long term.

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