On the Radar: Newired digital accelerator speeds user adoption of web applications

On the Radar: Newired digital accelerator speeds user adoption of web applications


Written by Natalia Kawana

Newired has been reviewed in the series “On the Radar”, which analyses innovative software Vendors, by Ovum, who are among the most important and trusted analysts’ firms in the market.

Ovum points out two main areas where is worth to consider Newired products: “The first is where a development team is struggling to keep up with the demand for new web-based applications and needs to work closely and quickly in collaboration with the user community to develop, refine, and publish apps that are self-sufficient without the need for specialized training. The other is where existing well-established applications are not intuitive to use or have issues of compliance that means they must be approached in a certain way or are complicated and users need guidance through the processes.”

Ovum also commented on Newired’s main products, Journeys and Tips, main use cases and two key differentiators in the space: our pricing model and the levels of security we provide. About the first, they said: “Ovum thinks the pricing model is very positive, enabling those evaluating Newired to add user experience fixes to existing applications and play with and amend them, only paying for support of the base URL when they are happy to deploy apps into production.”

On the latter, “Security in Newired is achieved by its “inside the walls” setup, and it therefore shares the same organization security as other applications running within the firewall.”

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