Newsletter February 2024

Newsletter February 2024

In the dawn of the new year, Newired is looking to forge impactful partnerships, amplifying the global footprint. As we navigate the ever-evolving landscape of Digital Adoption, we extend a special invitation to visionary partners who recognize the paramount importance of safety and mission-criticality.

Calling all Visionary Partners:
Newired, distinguished as the safest Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) in Europe, is actively seeking dynamic and highly motivated partners. We take pride in our product-focused approach and service record, covering every corner of the world. Recognizing the significance of safety and the mission-critical role we play for companies, we are eager to expand our partner network into diverse geographies and verticals, meeting specific needs.

Why Choose Newired as Your Partner?
Becoming a partner with Newired isn’t just an opportunity; it’s a strategic advantage. In an era where Digital Transformation is synonymous with change, projects demand digital tools for heightened efficiency and superior service quality. The success of these tools is contingent upon usability, a factor where Newired’s technology, coupled with your expertise, excels.

Elevate Your Presence with Newired’s Innovation:
In an ever-evolving technological landscape, innovation is the key to staying ahead. Newired is not only the safest but also a pioneering force, constantly exploring avenues to enhance our digital tools and elevate user experiences. 

Embark on the Journey with Newired:
If you’re ready to become a partner of Newired, we’re excited to connect with you. Together, let’s shape the future of Digital Adoption, emphasizing safety and the standards for digital innovation and security.


Loredana Staicu 
Marketing Manager, Newired

Discover the Newired’s Updated Webpages!

Revolutionize Your Digital Experience: Newired’s Pricing Page
Explore our newly updated Pricing Page and unlock a world of possibilities. From transparent pricing models to tailored solutions, find the perfect fit for your organization’s needs. Maximize efficiency, minimize costs – it’s all here!


OEM Excellence Unveiled: Dive into Newired’s OEM Model
Embark on a journey through our enhanced OEM Model Page and discover how Newired’s OEM solutions can amplify your product’s capabilities. With customizable features and unbeatable value, this is your gateway to seamless integration and unparalleled user experiences.


Why Choose Newired? Elevate Your Digital Transformation
From personalized interactive journeys to increased efficiency, we redefine user adoption with cutting-edge technology, uncover the compelling reasons in our updated “Why Newired?”


Loredana Staicu 
Marketing Manager, Newired

Newired Web Extension 

We’re thrilled to announce the latest addition to our Learning Center: Newired Web Extension Guide!

👉 Check it out here: Newired Web Extension Guide

🔍 What’s Inside:

  • Maximize User Guidance: Discover tips and tricks to enhance user interaction with the Newired Web Extension.
  • Effortless Integration: Learn how to seamlessly integrate the Web Extension into your applications for a smooth user experience.
  • Advanced Features: Dive into the advanced features that make Newired Web Extension a game-changer in the world of digital adoption.

Stay ahead in the digital landscape by mastering the Newired Web Extension! Elevate your user guidance strategies and revolutionize the way your users interact with your applications.

Head of Customer Success, Newired
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March 14th, 2024 @3PM CET 
Why should every CFO use a Digital Adoption Platform to reinforce their financial function?

Join us for an insightful 30-minute Webinar co-hosted by Newired & Finext:

  • Discover the transformative power of a Digital Adoption Platform tailored to enhance efficiency within the financial function. 
  • Delve into how the office of the CFO can swiftly embrace digital transformation with confidence using a reliable Digital Adoption Platform. 
  • Explore how Newired can provide invaluable support for CFO departments facing new financial processes, including treasury, business planning, and management. 
  • Learn firsthand how a Digital Adoption Platform simplifies the complexities of implementing new processes, ensuring a smooth transition for your CCH Tagetik users.
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