New Partnership Announcement: Teamlive

New Partnership Announcement: Teamlive

Teamlive partnership

We are very glad to announce our new partnership with Teamlive

Teamlive is a well-established Siemens Polarion partner in China, who operates on its mainland, Taiwan and Hong Kong and offers comprehensive R&D management solutions for customers.

Newired in turn enables people in a company/ organization to create contextual help and guidance for end users of web-based applications or websites, in a simple and 100% code-free way. Such help appears to end users while they navigate through and use the target application/ website, allowing them to learn and perform tasks real time and on the spot. Not only does Newired facilitate training, it also encourages user adoption by making acceptance easier, change smoother, and the overall user experience better from the start.

With this exciting partnership, Newired products are now even more accessible to Chinese customers, who can rely on Teamlive for the translation and localization of content and professional assistance in their own language.

“Since 2012, Teamlive has been providing solutions to help our customers improve their quality, efficiency and compliance of R&D. We have a distributed professional team in Greater China. It is truly amazing that Newired developed latest, disruptive, innovative and practical technologies. We strongly think that the Newired solution could add value to our customers to accelerate the adoption of digital solutions, as well as improve user experience. I would like to say that today is a really important milestone in Teamlive’s history. We will have a successful journey with Newired.”

Michael Zhou, CEO Teamlive.

If your company’s working language is Chinese or if you develop applications for the Chinese market, contact Teamlive to discover Newired and reap its benefits!

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