Meet Ondra, our new QA

Meet Ondra, our new QA

In the previous article we introduced Vojta, our QA / Scrum Master. Now we would like to continue with another QA team member, Ondrej Kuznik, who joined us this month.

Q1: Ondra, can you please say few words about you

I have always been doing something connected to computers and I have been working as either a SW Tester or a QA Engineer for about 10 years. I have got a 3-year-old daughter with my girlfriend, we are not married yet. I try to keep myself fit, I like outdoor activities, e.g. skiing, cycling, running and even gardening. I like listening to various music styles and actively play drums.

Q2: Why did you decide to leave stable corporate environment and join a start-up company?

My first contact with corporate environment was the Tieto company, in that time there were between 1000 and 2000 employees there. I learned a lot about Software Testing and the SW development process and I have good memories from that period. However, with so many people, there was a very complex hierarchy. After 4 years I decided to leave and I joined Vendavo. The first interview there was with Vojta 🙂 We had flexible working hours, I was expected to take ownership of my tasks and there was an international team operating across two time zones (CZ and US). At the beginning it was exciting but after a few years, the company culture started to change and I started to think about new opportunities.

Q3: Why Newired?

I attended the first QA meetup organised by Newired, where I talked to Vojta about his new job. Although Newired were looking for a junior QA at that time, I started to be interested in the company, what you do, etc. By coincidence when I was leaving Vendavo, Newired were looking for a QA. After interesting job interview with Antonin, Roman and Vojta, where they revealed me more details about the company, I cancelled other job interview and decided to join Newired. And so far so good.

Q4: Do you have any idea / vision how you can contribute to Newired and its customers?

I think I will be a good addition to the team. With my precision, diligence and experience gained in SW Testing and QA, I will be able to help make Newired more efficient, enhancing the customer experience.

Q5: Anything personal you would like to share about yourself 😉

I like hot and spicy food.

If you would like to meet our team members in person, you are welcome to join us at 3rd QA MeetUP in Ostrava.

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