Newired “Unique Overlay Technology”

Newired “Unique Overlay Technology”

intelligent overlay

Written by Frank Schroeder

Newired helps organizations change and improve their digital tools and processes while keeping their users educated and productive, during onboarding and beyond.

In times of ongoing change and digitalization, it is important not to forget about the human factor: the users.

To make Change and Digitalization initiatives successful, the key is to enable and empower users, to make global roll-outs, the adoption and the support of applications and portals simpler  and productive. Onboarding and training new people in this process becomes a key factor for companies to thrive under the so-called digital transformation.

To help you with these challenges, Newired provides a unique intelligent Overlay Technology for your web applications and portals.

This intelligent Overlay Technology allows you to:

  • Set-up Best Practices and processes to guide the user through  virtually any web application (Journeys)
  • Intuitive, easy and fast creation of guidelines via an intelligent Editor
  • No coding skills needed
  • Easy deployment with no changes to your web application or server
  • Deployment On-Premise or on public/private cloud, meeting your security requests
  • Multi-language features for global roll-outs

For more information please download the Fact Sheet and schedule a Demo/Introduction to Newired

in-app support

Here is an example of Newired on the Linkedin application:

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