How to Evaluate Newired

How to Evaluate Newired


Written by Frank Schroeder


  • What objectives could our Evaluators have?
  • What are the options to evaluate Newired?
    • Free Editor for download
    • Online Demo Server (ODS)
  • Should Evaluators consider Proof of Concept or other Services?
  • Conclusion

Objectives of a Newired Evaluation

For all of you considering buying a Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) or a Digital Adoption Solution (DAS), the key question is how to evaluate the product to come to a well-founded decision.

Using a DAP/DAS solution should provide companies with overlays, guidelines to provide better usability, user satisfaction with applications, help with Onboarding and application rollouts and drive common process adoption over multiple applications.

Newired evaluation can have 2 approaches: 

  1. Evaluate and try how fast and easy it is to create and build overlays and user guidance.
  2. Publish overlays and user guidance on your specific web-application. Monitor user behavior and gather user feedback

What are the options to evaluate Newired?

If you would like to evaluate Newired as your DAP/DAS system, you have 2 different ways, depending on your time availability and preferences.

1.Newired Free Editor download

This is for all evaluators who would like to understand how fast and easy it is to create overlays and guidelines. Companies and users which are new to the concept of overlays and DAP/DAS systems here can get a pretty fast impression of how guidelines can be created and used in any web-application. The Free Editor download is not the full product – it does not include all the Portal functionality.

2. Newired Free Online Demo Server (ODS)

This is for all companies and users who already know the concept of DAP/DAS solutions and may already have tried different products. Evaluators will get the full product Editor plus Portal, available for 4 weeks, in a secure and private cloud stet-up to create overlays and guidance, publish over their own web-application and use reports and surveys.

Should Evaluators consider Newired Customer Success Services?

Whatever way of evaluation customers choose, the Free Editor download or the Free Online Demo Server (ODS), it is strongly recommended to use some of our Newired Customer Success Services, to get started fast and efficiently.

The following services are recommended for Free Editor downloaders:

Basic Training, it provides an overview of Newired within 4h, showing how to create guidelines and how to test them on their own web-application. It is a kick-start for all who want to create guidance on their own.

For Online Demo Server evaluators, the Proof of Concept (PoC) service is the most suited. It will provide a private and secure Online set-up, Basic and advanced training, which shows all the “authoring” and portal functionalities. It also includes target application profiling, where Newired consultants will review the target application to provide optimization in allow you to create guidance aligned with coaching and review meetings. The overall PoC goes over 10h and can be scheduled online over a period of 4 week – when it is needed.

For further information on the customer success services see here:


Newired offer 2 options for Evaluation, for different needs and approaches:

  1. Companies and users who are new to the DAP/DAS solutions and want to understand fast how this can benefit their application and get a quick feeling of how guidelines can be built.
  2. Companies and users who are already knowledgeable on the DAP/DAS approach and would like to have a deep dive into Newired to understand if this could be the product of their choice.

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