Newired Customer Success Services

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Proof of concept (PoC)

Scope: Newired provides full set-up of the product (Newired Editor and Newired Portal) to evaluate it on specific customer target applications with your team.

  • Installation of Newired license, online (private & secure) or on-premise
  • Kick-off session, goals definition, PoC objectives and activity plan (1h)
  • Target Application Profiling (2h)
  • Basic Training on Newired guidance creation incl. deployment to target application via browser extension (4h)
  • Review meetings to check status and achievement (2h)

Duration: 4 week subscription plus 10h success services
Delivery: Online Sessions (min. 1h), max. 4 attendees

Pricing: $1190/€990

Basic Training

Scope: Provide introduction of the Newired Editor the authoring environment to create Journeys and tips. As a result of the training, the attendees can build journeys for every target application.

  • Overview of Newired solution
  • How to create journey (on top of a generic application just as Wikipedia)
  • How to deploy and publish Newired Overlay so the end-users see the content on their screen using a browser extension
Duration: 4h
Delivery: Online Session (min. 2h), max. 4 attendees

Pricing: $580/€480

Advanced Training

Deepen the use of the Newired Editor and the capabilities of the Newired portal. Enables the attendees to manage complex journeys, auto play and enforce guideline, integrate surveys into Journeys and use the reporting and user feedback functionality within Newired.

  • How to control who can see the journeys and when
  • How to start the journey automatically
  • Advanced publishing workflows incl. previews, rollbacks, etc
  • How to ask and process the user feedback
  • How to track analytical data to improve the Journeys over time
  • How to embed additional content into the overlay via Newired plugins (such as Surveys)
Duration: 4h
Delivery: Online Session (min. 2h), max. 4 attendees

Pricing: $580/€480

Journey Support and Target Application Profiling

Scope: Review and optimize existing Journeys/Tips for better productivity and quality.
Review target application and work out guidelines how the set-up Journeys and tips to provide better usability and user satisfaction.

  • Review existing Journeys, Tips
  • Taylor, optimize and extend existing Journeys for better workflow and customer satisfaction
  • Session time (min. 2h)
  • Review target application
  • Review existing processes
  • Set-up guidelines for Journey creation incl. examples
Duration: 8h
Delivery: Online Session (min. 2h), max. 4 attendees

Pricing: $1180/€980

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